Red Devils vs. Washington-Wilkes

Record in 85 meetings: 40-39-6

Winning Percentage: 50.588
Total scored: 1199
Total allowed: 1227
Average game: 14.11-14.44
Shutouts by Red Devils: 11
Shutouts by opponents: 18
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Tue, Oct 31, 1922Dunaway, W. T.T7-7H['more']
W-W lost only to Athens
Thu, Nov 30, 1922Dunaway, W. T.L6-13T['more']
Fri, Oct 13, 1939Boyd, ThomasL0-7T['more']
W-W ran opening kickoff back for TD; L on WW10 when game ended
Thu, Nov 28, 1940Boyd, ThomasL0-31T['more']
Thxg; W-W supposedly finished year 9-1-0 while outscoring opp 269-0, but that is not consistent
Thu, Nov 27, 1941BurgessL0-6T['more']
Thu, Nov 26, 1942Fortson, TracyL0-34H['more']
Thanksgiving afternoon; Chronicle reports score as 34-0
Thu, Nov 25, 1943unknownL7-27T['more']
Thxg; L scored on long pass on first play of game
Thu, Nov 30, 1944Colvin, CurryL7-26T['more']
Thu, Nov 22, 1945Fortson, TracyL0-7T['more']
Thanksgiving at 3pm - Devils fumbled at W-W 10. Game also listed as being scheduled 9/28 or 11/29.
Thu, Nov 28, 1946Hawkins, John R.L14-19T['more']
Thxg; L walked off field due to protested WW TD (14-13)
Thu, Nov 27, 1947Hawkins, John R.T13-13H['more']
Thu, Nov 25, 1948Hawkins, John R.L6-18T['more']
Thu, Sep 22, 1949Anderson, James (Andy)W14-12H['more']
First ever win over W-W
Fri, Sep 15, 1950Martin, EddieW25-7T['more']
New uniforms: silver helmets/pants with red jerseys
Thu, Nov 22, 1951Martin, EddieL0-34H['more']
Fri, Nov 28, 1952Chambers, RalphL0-27T['more']
W-W undefeated
Thu, Nov 26, 1953Chambers, RalphL0-47H['more']
Thu, Sep 9, 1954Surls, LewisL0-39T['more']
Thu, Sep 8, 1955Surls, LewisL13-26H['more']
17 boys out for spring practice
Fri, Sep 5, 1958Bufford, BuddyT6-6H['more']
Record of 2000 attended
Fri, Sep 4, 1959Bufford, BuddyT13-13T['more']
Fri, Sep 2, 1960Bufford, BuddyW25-19H['more']
WW won B title
Fri, Sep 1, 1961Bunch, ThomasL0-19T['more']
Fri, Aug 31, 1962Bunch, ThomasW20-6H['more']
WW scored on run in first qtr
Fri, Sep 6, 1963Bunch, ThomasW13-0T['more']
Fri, Sep 4, 1964Bunch, ThomasT6-6H['more']
L ranked #4 in state as season began
Fri, Sep 3, 1965Bunch, ThomasT0-0T['more']
Fri, Sep 2, 1966Bunch, ThomasL0-27H['more']
First home loss since 10/16/59
Fri, Sep 1, 1967Bunch, ThomasL0-26T['more']
WW won B title
Fri, Sep 6, 1968Bunch, ThomasW7-0H['more']
New PA bought by Booster Club
Fri, Sep 5, 1969Bunch, ThomasL6-28T['more']
Fri, Oct 30, 1970Bunch, ThomasW18-14H['more']
Fri, Oct 29, 1971Bunch, ThomasL0-2T['more']
Fri, Sep 1, 1972Campbell, LarryL8-27H['more']
50 boys out; only 1 more than 180lbs.
Fri, Aug 31, 1973Campbell, LarryW21-0T['more']
WW 3yds offense, got to LC43, had 4 interceptions
Fri, Sep 13, 1974Campbell, LarryW12-10H['more']
Fri, Sep 12, 1975Campbell, LarryL8-14T['more']
Fri, Sep 10, 1976Campbell, LarryW28-7H['more']
New lights; gym renovated; new main entrance & parking
Fri, Sep 9, 1977Campbell, LarryW29-0T['more']
Tim Partridge knee injury
Fri, Nov 3, 1978Campbell, LarryW48-7T['more']
LC ranked as high as #3 in state at one point
Fri, Nov 2, 1979Campbell, LarryW52-7H['more']
Fri, Oct 17, 1980Campbell, LarryW35-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 16, 1981Campbell, LarryW35-21T['more']
OT; 21-21 at end of regulation
Fri, Oct 8, 1982Campbell, LarryW21-13T['more']
Fri, Oct 7, 1983Campbell, LarryW36-21H['more']
Fri, Aug 31, 1984Campbell, LarryW20-7H['more']
Palmetto #1, LC#6
Fri, Aug 30, 1985Campbell, LarryW14-13H['more']
Greenville #1, LC #1, WW#6 in AA (lost in finals)
Fri, Sep 5, 1986Campbell, LarryL10-12H['more']
LC#1 WW AA#2; ? Muff punt, WW scored on last play of game; 1st WW win since '75; WW lost in AA finals
Fri, Sep 4, 1987Campbell, LarryW18-7T['more']
LC#1 WW AA#2
Fri, Sep 2, 1988Campbell, LarryL14-18H['more']
LC#1 WW AA#6, beat AAAA Clarke Central 17-16 OT; WW lost to RELee by 1 in finals
Fri, Sep 1, 1989Campbell, LarryW16-7T['more']
LC#1 WW AA#1
Fri, Sep 7, 1990Campbell, LarryW15-8H['more']
WW AA#6 (6AA champ); WW led 8-0 w/8:00 left; Leverett scored 16yr run; Curry ran 2pts; DNorman return interception 95 yds w/1:11 left
Fri, Sep 6, 1991Campbell, LarryW6-0T['more']
WW AA#8; LC scored on 88y opening kickoff rtrn (11:45 in 1st); WW finished 5-5, missed playoffs
Fri, Sep 4, 1992Campbell, LarryL8-17H['more']
LC#7; game stopped twice due to lightning, 1st between LC TD & PAT for 30 min, later for 10min at 10-8. W-W 3rd in 6AA. 1st time since '75 that LC lost 2 consecutive games. Campbell has never lost 3 consecutive games.
Fri, Sep 3, 1993Campbell, LarryW8-0T['more']
LC#1; W-W one of few teams to score on Elbert Co. during reg season.
Fri, Sep 2, 1994Campbell, LarryL0-10H['more']
LC#5, Johnson CO. #6, WW #8 in AA, made playoffs; first shutout since '88 (10-0) - 82 games.
Fri, Sep 1, 1995Campbell, LarryW13-6T['more']
LC#4. Opening kickoff delayed 45 minutes due to lightning. Almost ran into curfew problem, w/game ending at 11:20. W-W scored after stealing ball in 4th (less than 5:00 left). LC drove down, with Tutt making big catch near goalline. Freeman (w/broken foot) scored to win. W-W did not lose again until finals, beating Elbert Co (14-6) & Washington Co. in regular season. WW (13-2) lost to Elbert (14-1) 27-0 @ WW in AA finals.
Fri, Sep 6, 1996Campbell, LarryL0-18H['more']
Fri, Sep 5, 1997Campbell, LarryW19-7T['more']
LC#2 WW#12. LC not lost to WW there since '75. WW did not make playoffs after forfeiting to G-T & Glascock for using JV player too many quarters. WW coach Brooks resigned after season.
Fri, Nov 13, 1998Campbell, LarryW26-0H['more']
WW new coach (Frank Vohun) - finished 2nd in region, losing to Darlington 7-0 in 2nd round.
Fri, Nov 12, 1999Campbell, LarryL14-21T['more']
Questionable call on fumble may have cost Lincoln game.
Fri, Sep 15, 2000Campbell, LarryL7-13H['more']
controversies: spying, hit on LC QB; W-W only lost in AA finals
Fri, Sep 21, 2001Campbell, LarryL14-55T['more']
Lincoln County scored first early in the game, but it was all Tigers after that, as W-W dominated the Devils as has rarely been seen. The 55 points is the most ever against a team from Lincolnton. This game marks the first time since 1955 that the Tigers have defeated the Devils three consecutive times. This game was played a week later than originally planned due to the 9/11/2001 Terrorist Attacks on the USA.
Fri, Aug 30, 2002Campbell, LarryL0-22H['more']
The Red Devils, 32-point underdogs to the very-talented Tigers, won on all counts but points and turnovers, as the Devils lost 7 of nine fumbles. W-W managed only 2 first downs under new coach Ross New.
Fri, Aug 29, 2003Campbell, LarryW21-8T['more']
LC win ended 4-game win streak by W-W; Russell Morgan new W-W head coach, after Ross New left after one year. Despite losing key offensive lineman to injury, Devils controlled game from start to take 21-0 lead into fourth qtr.
Fri, Oct 15, 2004Campbell, LarryW21-9H['more']
The Tigers took an early 7-0 lead on a blocked punt, but the Devil offense dominated the rest of the game for a 21-9 win against our biggest rival. The win secures the best possible playoff path for Lincoln County, thanks to the outcome of the latest battle in the The 378 War.
Fri, Oct 14, 2005Campbell, LarryW20-13T['more']
Devils were huge underdogs to 4th-ranked W-W; Chronicle picked Tigers 27-0. Devils took early 6-0 lead, but trailed 10-6 at half thanks to 61-yard run by Tigers. Brandon Barden scored on 1 and 3 yard runs in second half to put Devils ahead with 2:42 left. Interception then sealed win.
Fri, Dec 2, 2005Campbell, LarryW25-0H['more']
THE BIGGEST GAME EVER. Before over 7,000 fans at BBF, LC dominated the Tigers 25-0 for the Class A State Title, and evened the all-time series (31-31-6) for the first time since 1922. 10th title for Campbell, 13th for Devils, and 7th straight finals loss for W-W. Fans lined up at 3, gates opened at 5 for 7:30 kickoff. National Guard assisted 40 law enforcement officers in crowd control. Alex Bradford made diving catch at 1 to setup Barden QB sneak with 36 seconds left in first half. Rontae inches short of returning interception for TD as half ended. Devils stopped Tigers with only 6 rushing yards in 2nd half, while running for 171 and 3 TDs themselves. Barden had 3 TDs on the night.
Fri, Sep 15, 2006Campbell, LarryL0-3H['more']
LC lost the game on turnovers and miscues, and the Devil defense controlled the Tigers throughout. The Devils lost 3 fumbles inside the Tiger 30, including at the 1 with the ball recovered in the endzone by W-W. The Tigers' field goal came with 5:13 left in the game after LC mishandled a punt attempt at its 37. The Tigers reclaimed the lead in the long-running rivalry, 32-31-6.
Sat, Sep 15, 2007Campbell, LarryW32-0T['more']
Game delayed from previous night due to lightning. Kickoff at 2:00. Hot sun - sunburns! 14 consecutive quarters with no W-W TDs. 32 was magic number - 32-0, two 32-yard passes, 32-yard TD run, and win tied series at 32-32-6.
Fri, Oct 17, 2008Campbell, LarryW14-6H['more']
On rainy night, W-W took a 6-0 lead in 2nd qtr on 63-yard pass before our Devils scored on A. G. Middlebrooks 3-yard run with 2:33 left in half. Vance Tarver's kick gave Devils 7-6 halftime lead. Middlebrooks broke loose on 55-yard TD run with 5:18 left in game to all but cement the win. This came one play after Devils stopped the Tigers for a 2-yard loss on a fake punt play. Turnovers gave W-W more chances, but Devil defense came through time after time. This win gave LC lead in all-time series for the FIRST TIME EVER -- 33-32-6.
Fri, Oct 16, 2009Campbell, LarryW10-7T['more']
LC won 10-7 on 26-yd FG in second overtime. Three FG attempts failed during regulation. LC had 250 yards and 57 plays compared to 45 yards and 32 plays for the Tigers. Four times LC came away empty after having a first down inside the Tiger 10. DeVonte Wright scored on a 6-yd run in the first OT, with the Tigers matching with a 15-yard TD pass. The Tigers were stopped in their 2nd OT try when Jathan Mickens took a sure TD pass away from the receiver before both fell to the ground in the endzone. Walker Smith booted the winning 26-yard field goal. This was LC's first overtime game using the "shootout" format (both teams with tries starting from the 15). LC leads W-W series 34-32-6.
Fri, Oct 15, 2010Campbell, LarryW35-8H['more']
Recognition of 1960 Championship
Fri, Oct 14, 2011Campbell, LarryW28-12T['more']
Lincoln County scored twice on 20-yard drives in the second quarter, then twice on long drives in the second half to secure a 28-12 win. Robbie Robinson, formerly at McIntosh County Academy, was the new W-W coach. The Devils led 14-6 at the half and 28-6 until the final minutes. The win extends the Devils' lead in the series to 36-32-6.
Fri, Sep 7, 2012Campbell, LarryL6-21H['more']
Tiger passing attack, backed by strong rushing, kept the Devils pinned down all the first half and most of the game. LC managed only 17 yards and no first downs in the first half. W-W would have had more points than its 14-0 halftime lead had it not been for their penalties. The Devils made a fight of it in the fourth, scoring to cut the lead to 21-6, grabbing an onside kick and threatening twice more.
Fri, Sep 6, 2013Campbell, LarryL14-28T['more']
Game broadcast live by WJBF.
Fri, Aug 29, 2014Banks, KevinL10-36H['more']
Devils took early 3-0 lead, but experienced and talented W-W team was too much for the young Devils. Tigers had 454 total yards to 177 for LC.
Fri, Aug 28, 2015Banks, KevinW26-13T['more']
Devils led 20-0 at the half, and 26-0 before the Tigers got on the scoreboard. This was the first game for new Tiger head coach. Game was broadcast by WJBF 6.2.
Fri, Sep 30, 2016Banks, KevinW17-14H['more']
Winless W-W scored on its first two possessions to tzke z 14-7 first quarter lead that lasted until a Devil TD late in the fourth to send the game into overtime. W-W missed a 35-yard FG before William LeRoy booted a 25-yard FG for a 17-14 Devil win.
Fri, Nov 11, 2016Banks, KevinW24-3H['more']
LC seeded #11, W-W #22. Tigers scored early after short drive after muffed kickoff. Ty Elam returned kickoff 90 yards to give Devils lead they would never surrender. Devils lead all-time series 39-35-6. Tigers end year at 4-7. Second time LC has beaten W-W twice in a season (other was 2005), and third time the two teams have met three times in a season (other was 1922).
Fri, Sep 29, 2017Banks, KevinL14-22T['more']
Game tied at end of first, with W-W scoring on short pass in second. In third, Tigers scored after muffed punt, but Devils came back with Roberts' 95-yard kickoff return. Devils were at W-W 12 before interception finished game with 3 seconds left. First 1-4 start since 2001. First 3-game losing streak since 2005.
Fri, Sep 28, 2018Pollock, MichaelL21-26H['more']
Devils, using some JV players to compensate for injuries, took a 7-0 lead before W-W scored 14 in a 2-minute stretch in the late 2nd quarter. Devils led in yards 344-294, but a fumble recovery for TD was a deciding play. Devils had chance to take the lead in the final minute.
Fri, Oct 4, 2019Pollock, MichaelW31-6T['more']
Fri, Nov 6, 2020Chomskis, LeeL13-14H['more']
Broadcast live on WJBF 6.2. Devils outgained WW 222 to 78 from scrimmage. Deciding play was 77-yard kickoff return by WW to open second half. Devils ran the clock down to shorten the game since W-W had averaged over 40 points a game coming into the contest. Tigers were ranked #7 coming in.
Fri, Oct 22, 2021Chomskis, LeeL36-44T['more']
Fri, Oct 7, 2022Chomskis, LeeT['more']