Lincoln County To Remain In 8-A Public For Next 2 Years

November 12, 2021

As a result of the GHSA's reclassification process, Lincoln County is expected to remain in Region 8-A Public for the next two school years.

Region 8-A Public will remain the same as the current school year except that Social Circle is not included, and Warren County may be included.

Social Circle is returning to Class AA. The Redskins' request to play down in Class A was rejected by the Reclassification Committee. They will be in the region with Thomson the next two years, as noted below.

Warren County was moved from 7-A Public to 8-A Public on the initial region assignment list. Two years ago, Warren was first put in Region 8, but appealed to play in Region 7 with Hancock Central and other nearby rivals. Warren may appeal, with appeals due by November 17. Appeals will be decided on November 18.

For other area schools, Aquinas and Thomson will be playing in Class AA the next two seasons. Aquinas asked to move up from Class A Private to Class AA. The Irish is in the region with Savannah private schools now, which presented travel issues. Aquinas will be in Region 3-AA with Richmond County public schools Butler, Glenn Hills, Josey, and Laney. Thomson, moving down from Class AAA, will be in Region 4-AA with Jasper County (Monticello), Jefferson County, Putnam County, Social Circle, Swainsboro, and Washington County.

Class A powers Irwin County, Brooks County, Clinch County, and Charlton County will remain in Region 2-A Public. Dublin remains in Class A public.

In Class A Private, at least eight schools unhappy with recent GHSA changes have decided to return to GISA starting in 2022. This includes the four Macon private schools that the Devils played in recent years. More are expected to make the transition. These departures are leaving some Class A Private regions with less than four teams. Some region assignments may be adjusted once the private schools have made their decisions known.

GHSA PDF showing proposed region alignments

GHSA PDF showing classification assignments after appeals addressed