Coach W. T. Dunaway

Record in 48 games: 36-7-3

Winning Percentage: 81.522

Total scored: 1027

Total allowed: 179

Average game: 21.40-3.73

Shutouts by Red Devils: 29

Shutouts by opponents: 9

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Thu, Oct 12McCormick, SCW52-6H['more']
"Tutt's Hyenas"; coaches took turns as officials; Bud Bussey scored first TD; school opened with 280 enrollment, 50 more than previous year - LJ: "many coming into the city by the automobile route, while others 'hoofed' it to the seat of learning." Seven teachers and principal Professor J. E. Guillebeau.
Fri, Oct 20McCormick, SCW62-0T['more']
Tue, Oct 24HarlemW20-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 27GreensboroW13-0T['more']
Tue, Oct 31WashingtonT7-7H['more']
W-W lost only to Athens
Sat, Nov 18Gibson-MercerL0-0T['more']
Lost; played at Bowman on Saturday
Tue, Nov 21Granite HillW24-0H['more']
Tues; Granite Hill = 10th District Aggies
Fri, Nov 24Catholic HighW62-6T['more']
Thu, Nov 30WashingtonL6-13T['more']
Totals for 19226-2-1


Thu, Sep 27Catholic HighW19-7H['more']
Thu, Oct 4LouisvilleW76-0T['more']
score also reported as 84-0, 99-0, and 8-0. 76-0 from Louisville newspaper
Fri, Oct 12WrensW34-14T['more']
Fri, Oct 19Bailey Military InstituteW31-2H['more']
Greenwood SC
Fri, Oct 26ThomsonW58-0H['more']
scored also reported as 57-2; one of Thomson's worst defeats ever
Fri, Nov 2Granite HillW20-6T['more']
Fri, Nov 9LavoniaW22-2H['more']
NE Ga title
Sun, Nov 11Due WestW14-7T['more']
Erskine College - had beaten Clemson JV 7-0
Totals for 19238-0-0


Mon, Sep 1McCormick, SCU0-0['more']
unknown - game stopped due to disagreement with officials - exact date not know
Fri, Oct 10Granite HillC0-0H['more']
Aggies - cancelled
Fri, Oct 17Gibson-MercerW7-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 21ThomsonL0-9T['more']
ended 19-game home winning streak
Thu, Nov 27Catholic HighL12-32T['more']
Totals for 19241-2-0


Fri, Sep 25Granite HillW13-0H['more']
Team known as "The Lincolnton Machine"
Fri, Oct 2WarrentonW24-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 16Gibson-MercerW63-0H['more']
After game, LHS challenged any HS team within 100 miles.
Fri, Oct 23ThomsonW6-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 30RoystonW19-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 6WarrentonW26-0T['more']
Wed, Nov 11Bailey Military InstituteT7-7H['more']
B scored on 80yd run while L had TD called back.
Fri, Nov 20LavoniaW6-0H['more']
Lav regarded as one of best teams in Ga.
Thu, Nov 26Catholic HighW19-0T['more']
Totals for 19258-0-1


Fri, Sep 24WrensW48-0T['more']
22 boys out for practice.
Fri, Oct 1HartwellW7-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 8BowmanW18-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 15Catholic HighW13-0H['more']
LHS had 13 players.
Fri, Oct 22RoystonW33-6H['more']
R scored on fake.
Fri, Oct 29ThomsonL0-6T['more']
First loss since '24 - LHS took kickoff but fumbled on 3rd play; THS recovered on L21 & scored 3 plays later. LHS was on T10 when game ended.
Fri, Nov 5LavoniaT0-0H['more']
Many LHS players injured.
Fri, Nov 19Granite HillW7-0H['more']
GH coached by L native Guy Smalley
Thu, Nov 25Catholic HighL0-28T['more']
10:30 am Thanksgiving; played at ARC; Shamrocks in Green, Shamrocks loaded roster with college players - not same as first meeting
Totals for 19266-2-1


Fri, Oct 5LeahW25-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 12ElbertonW25-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 19WarrentonW50-7H['more']
Returned interception for TD
Fri, Oct 26WrensW14-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 2ThomsonW38-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 9Catholic HighW0-0H['more']
Mon, Nov 19WaynesboroW27-8H['more']
Fri, Nov 23HartwellL0-6H['more']
For East Ga Title
Totals for 19287-1-0