Coach Larry Campbell

Record in 565 games: 477-85-3

Winning Percentage: 84.690

Total scored: 15682

Total allowed: 4705

Average game: 27.76-8.33

Shutouts by Red Devils: 181

Shutouts by opponents: 17

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Fri, Sep 1Washington-WilkesL8-27H['more']
50 boys out; only 1 more than 180lbs.
Fri, Sep 8Greene CountyL9-30T['more']
LC playing in A because of scheduling, despite "B" enrollment
Fri, Sep 15Warren CountyW27-10H['more']
Midget-Mite restarted by Campbell; first Campbell win; first win over Warren County in many years. Tommy Guillebeau asst coach at Warren Co.
Fri, Sep 29LouisvilleL15-35T['more']
4-0 after LC game; LC 7 turnovers; Campbell: "We'll be back"
Fri, Oct 6Calhoun FallsW18-6T['more']
Conf champ prev 2 seasons
Fri, Oct 13HarlemL6-19H['more']
H 2 TDs on 4th/long
Fri, Oct 20HephzibahL0-19T['more']
Fri, Oct 27WrensW12-6T['more']
LC won with 0:06 left
Fri, Nov 3AquinasL0-45H['more']
Fri, Nov 10WaynesboroL13-42H['more']
Totals for 19723-7-0


Fri, Aug 31Washington-WilkesW21-0T['more']
WW 3yds offense, got to LC43, had 4 interceptions
Fri, Sep 7Greene CountyW19-18H['more']
Fri, Sep 14Warren CountyW17-0T['more']
Fri, Sep 28LouisvilleT0-0H['more']
Lou 3-0, 58-12pts
Fri, Oct 5Calhoun FallsW46-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 12HarlemL6-14T['more']
7A East champ
Fri, Oct 19HephzibahW24-0H['more']
LC 400yds offense
Fri, Oct 26WrensW31-9H['more']
Sat, Nov 3AquinasW21-7T['more']
Fri, Nov 9WaynesboroW17-7T['more']
LC 7A East runnerup
Totals for 19738-1-1


Fri, Sep 6HarlemL7-19T['more']
Fri, Sep 13Washington-WilkesW12-10H['more']
Fri, Sep 20Calhoun FallsW16-8T['more']
Fri, Sep 27McCormick, SCL6-14T['more']
M #1 in SC AA
Fri, Oct 4Greene CountyL6-7H['more']
Fri, Oct 18DaculaW68-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 25Warren CountyW29-12T['more']
Fri, Nov 1Boggs AcademyW65-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 8GMCW40-6T['more']
LC 426 rush (Alex Bell 202yds)
Fri, Nov 15MonticelloW31-22H['more']
Wed, Nov 27Charlton CountyW29-7T['more']
Sat, Dec 7LyonsW7-6T['more']
Sat, Dec 14TrionL0-7T['more']
Trion scored on long pass w/1:14 left; Campbell B coach/year
Totals for 19749-4-0


Fri, Aug 29WadleyW32-6H['more']
Fri, Sep 5HarlemL6-7H['more']
Fri, Sep 12Washington-WilkesL8-14T['more']
Fri, Sep 19Calhoun FallsW7-0H['more']
Fri, Sep 26McCormick, SCW16-12H['more']
Fri, Oct 3Greene CountyW17-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 17DaculaW66-8T['more']
Fri, Oct 24Warren CountyW28-6H['more']
Fri, Nov 7GMCW27-7H['more']
Fri, Nov 14MonticelloW34-6T['more']
Fri, Nov 28Charlton CountyW13-0H['more']
Fri, Dec 5LyonsL6-26H['more']
Totals for 19759-3-0


Fri, Sep 10Washington-WilkesW28-7H['more']
New lights; gym renovated; new main entrance & parking
Mon, Sep 27Calhoun FallsW32-0T['more']
Fri, Sep 24Greene CountyW30-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 1Warren CountyW36-8H['more']
Fri, Oct 8WrensW28-6T['more']
Fri, Oct 15LouisvilleW22-6H['more']
Fri, Oct 22Mt. de SalesW15-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 29WadleyW70-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 5GMCW52-6H['more']
Fri, Nov 12MonticelloW35-0T['more']
Roy Norman & Tim Partridge both over 1000yds rushing
Fri, Nov 26Charlton CountyW36-0T['more']
Fri, Dec 3Macon CountyW37-0T['more']
Cold; LC #1 defense in state
Sat, Dec 11BufordW6-0T['more']
Very Wet; Roy Norman scored winning TD; Campbell B coach/year; Norma B back/year; team put in Ga Hall of Fame for defense
Totals for 197613-0-0


Fri, Sep 9Washington-WilkesW29-0T['more']
Tim Partridge knee injury
Fri, Sep 16Calhoun FallsW45-0H['more']
Home stands enlarged
Fri, Sep 23Greene CountyW49-6H['more']
Fri, Sep 30Warren CountyW26-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 7WrensW34-6H['more']
Fri, Oct 14LouisvilleW12-6T['more']
Fri, Oct 21Mt. de SalesW25-7H['more']
Fri, Oct 28WadleyW73-0T['more']
Fri, Nov 4GMCW59-8T['more']
Fri, Nov 11MonticelloW10-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 25Atkinson CountyW22-6H['more']
Fri, Dec 2Savannah Country DayW22-6H['more']
Sat, Dec 10JeffersonW22-7H['more']
Campbell B coach/yr; Jerry Hearst B back/year
Totals for 197713-0-0


Fri, Sep 1Calhoun FallsW42-0T['more']
GHSA chgd from B-A-AA-AAA to A-AA-AAA-AAAA; LC moved to AA (LC 316, A/AA 300)
Fri, Sep 8WrensW26-0H['more']
Fri, Sep 15McCormick, SCW27-0H['more']
Fri, Sep 22Greene CountyW47-8H['more']
Fri, Sep 29Jenkins CountyW35-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 6Hancock CentralW20-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 13Oglethorpe CountyW28-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 20HarlemW21-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 27AquinasW30-0T['more']
Fri, Nov 3Washington-WilkesW48-7T['more']
LC ranked as high as #3 in state at one point
Fri, Nov 10Greene CountyW32-6H['more']
Fri, Nov 17Morgan CountyW35-13H['more']
38th consecutive win; setting new Ga record (Valdosta 37 twice)
Fri, Nov 24Mitchell CountyL6-16T['more']
Long trip to SW Ga
Totals for 197812-1-0


Fri, Aug 31Calhoun FallsW42-0H['more']
New PA
Fri, Sep 7WrensW30-0T['more']
Fri, Sep 14McCormick, SCW51-7H['more']
New $8,000 scoreboard
Fri, Sep 21Greene CountyW45-7T['more']
Fri, Sep 28Jenkins CountyW23-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 5Hancock CentralW40-19T['more']
Fri, Oct 12Oglethorpe CountyW28-14H['more']
Fri, Oct 19HarlemW20-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 26AquinasW35-7H['more']
Fri, Nov 2Washington-WilkesW52-7H['more']
Fri, Nov 9Putnam CountyW34-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 16HarlemW31-6H['more']
Fri, Nov 23Mitchell CountyW21-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 30Mary PersonsW27-7T['more']
MP#1;LC#2 going into game; cold (teens); LC led 27-0 at half; MP coached by Dan Pitts
Fri, Dec 7ModelL21-24T['more']
M 14-0; lost by FG w/0:02 to go; M overcame 8pt LC lead in last 6:00 to tie, then LC intercepted going for win. 500pts scored most ever; at time, "best team ever"
Totals for 197914-1-0


Fri, Aug 22WrensW26-0H['more']
Fri, Sep 5Greene CountyW18-7T['more']
Fri, Sep 12AquinasW21-7H['more']
Fri, Sep 19Oglethorpe CountyW32-0T['more']
Fri, Sep 26HarlemW13-6T['more']
Fri, Oct 3Jenkins CountyW41-16H['more']
50 consecutive region wins; 53 consecutive regular season wins
Fri, Oct 10Morgan CountyL0-1T['more']
OT; penetration came on interception return at end of 1st OT period; disputed LC TD in regulation
Fri, Oct 17Washington-WilkesW35-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 24Putnam CountyL6-24T['more']
Fri, Oct 31Hancock CentralW23-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 14Putnam CountyW7-0T['more']
Started season ranked #2, ended #5
Fri, Nov 21Greene CountyL0-7H['more']
First home loss since '75; will not be shutout again until '88
Totals for 19809-3-0


Fri, Aug 21WrensW26-6T['more']
Fri, Sep 4Greene CountyW10-6H['more']
GC ended 13-2, 4AA champ, lost to Commerce in finals
Fri, Sep 11AquinasW15-9T['more']
Fri, Sep 18Oglethorpe CountyW34-0H['more']
Fri, Sep 25HarlemL6-17H['more']
1st home loss during regular season since '75
Fri, Oct 2Jenkins CountyW25-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 9Morgan CountyW15-14H['more']
Fri, Oct 16Washington-WilkesW35-21T['more']
OT; 21-21 at end of regulation
Fri, Oct 23Putnam CountyW14-3H['more']
Fri, Oct 30Hancock CentralW28-3T['more']
LC ranked as high as #3 in AA
Fri, Nov 13HarlemL12-21H['more']
First time since '47 LC lost to same team twice in a season
Totals for 19819-2-0


Fri, Aug 27WrensW43-0H['more']
Campbell win#100; Wrens 4A champ; losing to Palmetto 12-6 in finals after 6 fumbles
Fri, Sep 3Abbeville, SCW17-2H['more']
'81 SC-AA champs, 19gm win streak, SC-AA#1; New home stands w/sides reversed
Fri, Sep 10Morgan CountyW13-0T['more']
Fri, Sep 24Greene CountyW14-7T['more']
Fri, Oct 1HarlemW28-6H['more']
Campbell brother-in-law provided cannon.
Fri, Oct 8Washington-WilkesW21-13T['more']
Fri, Oct 15AquinasW14-3H['more']
Fri, Oct 22Oglethorpe CountyW34-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 29Hancock CentralW55-0H['more']
LC began season 3, moved to #2, finished #3
Fri, Nov 5Putnam CountyW51-3H['more']
LC defense finished in top5 overall
Fri, Nov 19Morgan CountyW13-7H['more']
MC#6; LC bye while MC beat WW in region semis
Fri, Nov 26Pierce CountyW28-0H['more']
PC#3; Defense: PC#2, LC#3 in all classes
Fri, Dec 3Mary PersonsL13-24T['more']
LC#1 Defense; LC led 7-3 in 4th, TD pass overthrown on 4th&2; lost ball/game. MP coached by Dan Pitts; MP lost to Wrome 7-6 in finals with MP kicker hurt
Totals for 198212-1-0


Fri, Aug 26WrensW14-8T['more']
W A runnerup, lost to Palmetto in finals
Fri, Sep 2Abbeville, SCW20-6T['more']
LC 430 yds, A -24 yds
Fri, Sep 9Morgan CountyW31-12H['more']
Fri, Sep 23Greene CountyL6-12H['more']
GC#6, LC red/red
Fri, Sep 30HarlemW34-0T['more']
LC#8 GC#3
Fri, Oct 7Washington-WilkesW36-21H['more']
Fri, Oct 14AquinasW54-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 21Oglethorpe CountyW28-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 28Hancock CentralW60-0T['more']
Most pts since '77
Fri, Nov 4Putnam CountyW49-0T['more']
WW 21 GC 15; WW 3rd seed
Fri, Nov 11Morgan CountyW20-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 18Greene CountyW8-0T['more']
LC 2 TDs called back
Fri, Nov 25VidaliaW20-7T['more']
1st 3rd qtr TD all year; V 10-2
Fri, Dec 2Dooly CountyL8-20H['more']
DC #2 13-0 543-71 (#1 off #2 def #1 winmgn); LC #7 off #5 def #3 wm before DC
Totals for 198312-2-0


Fri, Aug 31Washington-WilkesW20-7H['more']
Palmetto #1, LC#6
Fri, Sep 7Abbeville, SCW7-0T['more']
LC#3, A 1-0
Fri, Sep 21HarlemW24-0T['more']
LC#2 LC def#5
Mon, Sep 24Greene-TaliaferroW6-0H['more']
LC#1 GT won 4AA 19-7 over WW, played in AA finals
Fri, Oct 5Glenn HillsL16-20T['more']
LC#1; GH lost to AAA champ Thomson in reg finals
Fri, Oct 12WrensW22-14H['more']
LC#3; W/L in 4A South
Fri, Oct 19LouisvilleT14-14T['more']
LC#2 L#5; LC 14-6 intercept 2:00 to go, ? L TD
Fri, Oct 26MonticelloW27-14H['more']
Fri, Nov 2AquinasW55-0H['more']
LC#2 L#3 Wrens#4
Fri, Nov 9Warren CountyW29-16T['more']
AA: Wrome 14-1, 48-1-0 w/37-consecutive (Mhill asst)
Fri, Nov 16WrensW14-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 23LouisvilleW25-10H['more']
L#3 (finished #6)
Fri, Nov 30Miller CountyW21-7H['more']
MC 11-1, -40 rush, got TD on block punt
Fri, Dec 7Clinch CountyW7-2H['more']
LC began season #6, finished #2
Sat, Dec 15GreenvilleL7-19T['more']
Totals for 198412-2-1


Fri, Aug 30Washington-WilkesW14-13H['more']
Greenville #1, LC #1, WW#6 in AA (lost in finals)
Fri, Sep 13Abbeville, SCW28-0T['more']
Fri, Sep 20HarlemW51-15H['more']
Fri, Sep 27Greene-TaliaferroW21-0T['more']
GT#6 in AA
Fri, Oct 4Glenn HillsW14-0H['more']
GH negative passing yds
Fri, Oct 11WrensW28-0T['more']
W #10
Fri, Oct 18LouisvilleW17-0H['more']
L#6 6-0-1 had allowed 13 pts
Fri, Oct 25MonticelloW34-0T['more']
Fri, Nov 1AquinasW60-7T['more']
Fri, Nov 8Warren CountyW21-14H['more']
Fri, Nov 15WrensW32-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 22LouisvilleW40-0T['more']
L had allowed 40 pts all year
Fri, Nov 29Wilcox CountyW15-6T['more']
Fri, Dec 6Montgomery CountyW42-8T['more']
Played at Lyons; cold
Sat, Dec 14PalmettoW52-20H['more']
WW lost in AA final
Totals for 198515-0-0


Fri, Sep 5Washington-WilkesL10-12H['more']
LC#1 WW AA#2; ? Muff punt, WW scored on last play of game; 1st WW win since '75; WW lost in AA finals
Fri, Sep 12Abbeville, SCW55-0H['more']
Fri, Sep 19Calhoun FallsW27-0T['more']
Fri, Sep 26Greene-TaliaferroL24-28H['more']
LC#6; most pts allowed since '72
Fri, Oct 10CommerceW13-6T['more']
Fri, Oct 17LouisvilleW10-7H['more']
Fri, Oct 24AquinasW69-6H['more']
Most pts since '77
Fri, Oct 31WrensW41-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 7PortalW47-7H['more']
Fri, Nov 14Warren CountyW24-7T['more']
Fri, Nov 21WrensW42-6H['more']
Fri, Nov 28Warren CountyW9-0H['more']
Fri, Dec 5Wilcox CountyW23-0T['more']
Fri, Dec 12Montgomery CountyW24-0H['more']
Sat, Dec 20East RomeW7-6T['more']
Totals for 198613-2-0


Fri, Sep 4Washington-WilkesW18-7T['more']
LC#1 WW AA#2
Fri, Sep 11Abbeville, SCW42-7T['more']
Fri, Sep 18Calhoun FallsW34-0H['more']
Fri, Sep 25Greene-TaliaferroW28-23T['more']
LC 5 1stDwns, 4 big plays
Fri, Oct 9CommerceW54-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 16LouisvilleW21-17T['more']
came back in 4th
Fri, Oct 23AquinasW27-10T['more']
19pts 1st 3 poss
Fri, Oct 30WrensW34-0T['more']
Fri, Nov 6PortalW48-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 13Warren CountyW49-22H['more']
Fri, Nov 20Warren CountyW34-6H['more']
Fri, Nov 27LouisvilleW7-0H['more']
Sat, Dec 12Clinch CountyW14-7H['more']
CC 12-0
Fri, Dec 4Montgomery CountyW13-0T['more']
Sat, Dec 19BrookstoneW19-14H['more']
B 13-1; avg 51.4 pts/reg-season game; Greg Leverett 22-yd TD run w/1:23 left
Totals for 198715-0-0


Fri, Sep 2Washington-WilkesL14-18H['more']
LC#1 WW AA#6, beat AAAA Clarke Central 17-16 OT; WW lost to RELee by 1 in finals
Fri, Sep 9HarlemW33-10T['more']
Fri, Sep 16Morgan CountyW26-0H['more']
coached by LC asst Alvin Richardson
Fri, Sep 23Greene-TaliaferroL0-10H['more']
GT AA#3; first LC shutout since GT'80; beat Thomson 7-0, lost to Valdosta 38-6
Fri, Sep 30ECIW41-0T['more']
New $40,000 press box; $25,000 donated by Goolsby's
Fri, Oct 7LouisvilleW20-6T['more']
Fri, Oct 14GMCW35-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 21AquinasW35-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 28WrensW20-0H['more']
W 8-0; Campbell home win #100
Fri, Nov 11Warren CountyW10-0T['more']
WC #1 def
Fri, Nov 18LouisvilleW37-14H['more']
Fri, Nov 25Warren CountyW28-7H['more']
WC #1 def, no rush TD until LC scored 4, WC allowed 50 pts all yr, 38 by LC, GH 187y3td
Sat, Dec 3Clinch CountyL7-21H['more']
CC 10-0 #1 all yr; long TD pass on long down; CC beat Palmetto in finals
Totals for 198810-3-0


Fri, Sep 1Washington-WilkesW16-7T['more']
LC#1 WW AA#1
Fri, Sep 8HarlemW54-6H['more']
Fri, Sep 15Morgan CountyW13-9T['more']
MC '89 6AA reg ssn champ
Fri, Sep 22Greene-TaliaferroW21-6T['more']
New GT staff; was @ WRome; Temple to Burke Co.
Fri, Sep 29ECIW40-13H['more']
GHearst 5TD+2ptcnv on 6 consec carries
Fri, Oct 6LouisvilleW36-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 13GMCW60-0H['more']
GH 4TD; 53-0 at half
Fri, Oct 20AquinasW40-7T['more']
A led 7-6
Fri, Oct 27WrensW28-7T['more']
W 6-0-1
Fri, Nov 10Warren CountyW28-3H['more']
WC 9-0-0,A#3; WC 16 W 0
Fri, Nov 17ECIW35-6H['more']
GH 230yd3td
Fri, Nov 24Johnson CountyW27-3H['more']
Campbell #200 in 18 yrs; JC 9-2, led 3-0 at half; GH 4 TD
Fri, Dec 1Irwin CountyW37-7T['more']
Fri, Dec 8Wilcox CountyW25-6H['more']
Sleet, rain, miserable conditions
Sat, Dec 16BowdonW24-7H['more']
Those other Red Devils; GH returned interception to clinch game; B 11-2, losing to AAA Carrolton & Central-Car; same coach as Greenville '84; beat Brookstone 13-0 & Dacula 12-0 in playoffs; GH All-American; Parade #2 running back in USA; all state baseball & football
Totals for 198915-0-0


Fri, Aug 31Morgan CountyW9-0T['more']
LC#1 MC AA#3 (lost in AA qtrfinals)
Fri, Sep 7Washington-WilkesW15-8H['more']
WW AA#6 (6AA champ); WW led 8-0 w/8:00 left; Leverett scored 16yr run; Curry ran 2pts; DNorman return interception 95 yds w/1:11 left
Fri, Sep 14Johnson CountyW14-0T['more']
Fri, Sep 21Warren CountyW19-0H['more']
WC began #4; new coach
Fri, Sep 28WrensW30-13T['more']
W 4-0
Fri, Oct 5Jenkins CountyW50-6H['more']
Fri, Oct 12ECIW28-12T['more']
played day of massive flooding in Augusta
Fri, Oct 19LouisvilleW12-0H['more']
QB Leverett hurt in 1st half; L coach Gmatthews
Fri, Oct 26PortalW33-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 9Wilkinson CountyW47-13T['more']
WC AA playoffs previous year
Fri, Nov 16LouisvilleW35-6H['more']
Wrens beat JC for #2 spot
Fri, Nov 23MetterW21-0H['more']
M 9-2, 3A runner-up; LC threw 5 interceptions
Fri, Nov 30Macon CountyW28-15T['more']
MC 12-0 #2, beat Clinch week before, 1A champ; AParks 145 rushing; MC scored 8 on subs late
Fri, Dec 7CommerceW34-20H['more']
Rain;C 8A champ 10-3 beat ERome 12-6 week before; C led 6-0 after LC fumbled & failed to score inside 10 twice; BHenderson 265 yds, AParks 100+ yds
Sat, Dec 15Charlton CountyW6-0T['more']
C 11-2 2A champ, beat Dacula 28-0 on 3 turnovers in semi, beat Wrens 21-6 qtrfinals; "Welcome Campbell" sign by Camden Co.; band played 2001; 12 buses, with fans in stands at 3pm; Ghearst UGA leading rusher & SEC outstanding Freshman; DeWayne Simmons UGA starting linebacker; Bbussey NFL Cincinatti safety; Donnie Hearst GSD 6-1 national champs
Totals for 199015-0-0


Fri, Aug 30Morgan CountyW28-0H['more']
LC#1 MC AA#5
Fri, Sep 6Washington-WilkesW6-0T['more']
WW AA#8; LC scored on 88y opening kickoff rtrn (11:45 in 1st); WW finished 5-5, missed playoffs
Fri, Sep 13Johnson CountyW33-6H['more']
JC scored on 40y fumble rtrn, had 10y rushing
Fri, Sep 20Warren CountyW39-12T['more']
WC -2y rush, scored on 2y pass, 42y fum-rtrn; Reo Wright 2 fum recvry, 2 int in 1st half; 40 consecutive road wins
Fri, Sep 27WrensW34-0H['more']
Wright punt rtrn for TD
Fri, Oct 4Jenkins CountyW46-0T['more']
40-0 at half; 10-min qtrs, run clock in 2nd half; Wright 2 punt rtrn for TD
Fri, Oct 11ECIW44-6H['more']
ECI won 1st 3 gms by shutout, lost to Louisville 21-0; Bryant Henderson 3 rush TD; Wright TD pass
Fri, Oct 18LouisvilleW38-0T['more']
L 4-0, 4-2; beat Portal 14-9
Fri, Oct 25PortalW28-0T['more']
New State Record: 39 consecutive wins; all points in 1stQ; P: Willie Sapp GA rush-yd leader got 109y on 29c but did not get inside LC30; Portal's Panther Creek water was sprinkled on field before the game.
Fri, Nov 8Wilkinson CountyW42-0H['more']
LC#1; LC#2 score defence behind AA Cedar Grove (19pts); Carl Dorsey 3TD: 79/21/41, 7/156; WC moved to AA in '92.
Fri, Nov 15PortalW48-0H['more']
(Wilk14, Lo13 in other 4-A game) Sapp 32/128
Fri, Nov 22Treutlen CountyW27-13H['more']
TC-QB Junior Snead: state record 34 TD passes, led state w/2344y, held to 9/26/94/4 & 1 TD, other TD 85 Koret; TC 9-2, both losses by 1 pt to playoff teams (Metter in A, West Laurens in AA) Hearst/Simmons on LC bench
Fri, Nov 29Charlton CountyW20-0H['more']
CC 8-4, 2-A Runnerup; Clinch 22, Wilk 0
Fri, Dec 6R E LeeW22-13H['more']
6-A champ, 12-1; Hicks GA leading rusher with 2,350y & 36 TDs coming in; held to 57y/1TD, #9 in state history; 1st rushTD allowed by LC in 15gms; LC led 22-0 before REL cambe back in 4th; Reo Wright blocked PAT to seal game; 6,000 fans; REL won AA in '8, has played in finals in every class; Ga Coach Ray Goff attended; Clinch 10, Bowdon 7 in other semi
Sat, Dec 14Clinch CountyL8-11H['more']
CC 14-0, last team to beat LC; LC had TD called back in 4th due to clip on fumble return; CC 264 rushing & 3 fumbles
Totals for 199114-1-0


Fri, Sep 4Washington-WilkesL8-17H['more']
LC#7; game stopped twice due to lightning, 1st between LC TD & PAT for 30 min, later for 10min at 10-8. W-W 3rd in 6AA. 1st time since '75 that LC lost 2 consecutive games. Campbell has never lost 3 consecutive games.
Fri, Sep 11MonticelloW34-12T['more']
LC#10 M#6 in A. G Elam 101-yd int return as game ended. M won 8-A at 9-1, lost in A qtrfinals to #1 Bowdon 35-14 after being tied at 14 in 3rd.
Fri, Sep 18Morgan CountyW21-7H['more']
LC#5, MC 1-1
Fri, Sep 25Burke CountyW42-0H['more']
BC#3 in AAA, 2-0; Coach Tom Temple; before season, BC rated as best team in Ga all classes; LC led yds 421-75, fd 14-4; no one could believe score; good comments on UGA tailgate show - reporter called Lincolnton Sat morning to confirm score was not reported backwards. BC ended at 803, losing region playoff by late TD+2PAT.
Fri, Oct 2JacksonW16-7T['more']
J in AA, lost in region playoffs (Red Devils)
Fri, Oct 9LouisvilleW14-0H['more']
0-0 at half. Homecoming
Fri, Oct 23WrensW39-13T['more']
last 7 against 2nd-string
Fri, Oct 30Warren CountyW24-14T['more']
last 7 against 2nd-string
Fri, Nov 6AquinasW46-0T['more']
20-0 at half, Bteam 16-0 2nd half. 48th consecutive road win.
Fri, Nov 13Glascock CountyW60-0H['more']
48-0 at half, Bteam 12-0 2nd half. GC 12 players, 8 cheerleaders, 2 coaches.
Fri, Nov 20LouisvilleW38-0H['more']
67th consecutive region victory
Fri, Nov 27Calhoun CountyW19-12H['more']
CC 10-1, led 6-0 at half, Reo Wright broke leg at CC5 in 3rd qtr after gearing scoring drive. 2 long runs late won game
Fri, Dec 4Charlton CountyL6-14H['more']
CC 9-2, losses to Macon Co. & #1-Fla-A team; Dorsey, Beard & Gresham played after dislocated shoulders in Calhoun game. CC led 14-0 at half, LC almost came back. Big play: CC passed for 40y after almost being tackled for safety on 2nd scoring drive.
Totals for 199211-2-0


Fri, Sep 3Washington-WilkesW8-0T['more']
LC#1; W-W one of few teams to score on Elbert Co. during reg season.
Fri, Sep 10MonticelloW52-14H['more']
Monticello had bad year due to injuries.
Fri, Sep 17Morgan CountyW26-12T['more']
Fri, Sep 24Burke CountyW12-7T['more']
LC took 6-0 lead, but trailed 7-6 in 4th. G Elam, after injuring his knee in 1st half, came back to play off/def, & threw TD pass on 4th down to win game. Elam's last game.
Fri, Oct 1JacksonW20-7H['more']
J in AA, lost in region playoffs
Fri, Oct 8LouisvilleW14-6T['more']
L almost came back late in game
Fri, Oct 22WrensW14-2H['more']
Rain. Campbell #250
Fri, Oct 29Warren CountyW29-6H['more']
More rain
Fri, Nov 5AquinasW31-2H['more']
20-0 at half; Bteam 26-0 2nd half
Fri, Nov 12Glascock CountyW72-0H['more']
65-0 at half; Bteam 7-0 2nd half. GC 12 players, 10 cheerleaders, 2 coaches.
Fri, Nov 19GMCW40-7H['more']
72nd consecutive region victory
Fri, Nov 26Wilcox CountyW16-0H['more']
WC 8-3
Fri, Dec 3Turner CountyW12-7T['more']
TC 10-1-1; LC 12-0 early, but TC came back w/great QB. Twice had 1st & goal in 4th, but failed to score: 1st on penalties & eventually punted from the LC48 (lost 40y); 2nd ended with QB fumble recovered by Maurice Beard with 1:45 left. Ashburn 4+ hour trip, but one of LC's best crowds of the year. 53rd consecutive road victory.
Sat, Dec 11ArmucheeW24-20H['more']
A 13-0; took 13-0 lead midway 1st on LC fumbles. LC lost 4 fumbles & 1 int, but trailed only 13-6 at half. LC closed gape to 13-12, A scored to go up 20-12, LC scored 20-18. A punted midway 4th; Dorsey caught & fumbled, then handed off as he was being tackled to Dave Ferguson who went untouched 65y on planned reverse punt return to put LC ahead 24-20. A final A pass fell in ES w/1:30 left. Cold, long game: 2:40. LC rushed 45 times, w/no 2nd half passes. A passed 24 times. Great crowd.
Sat, Dec 18Johnson CountyW24-14H['more']
JC 14-0, beat #2 Macon Co (12-0) 19-14 in 1st round, Telfair Co. (13-0) 16-9 in qtrfinals, and Brookstone 33-14 in semis. First finals for JC since Herschel Walker played in 1979. LC jumped out to early lead.
Totals for 199315-0-0


Fri, Sep 2Washington-WilkesL0-10H['more']
LC#5, Johnson CO. #6, WW #8 in AA, made playoffs; first shutout since '88 (10-0) - 82 games.
Fri, Sep 9McCormick, SCW21-0H['more']
McC won region, lost in 1st rnd
Fri, Sep 16Burke CountyW12-7T['more']
lost 1st 3, then won 7 to finish 1st in 4-AAA.
Fri, Sep 23Greene-TaliaferroT6-6H['more']
GT defending AA champs, new coach (Luther Welsh from Thomson); LC scored in 4th to tie, then almost won; GT made 4-AA playoffs
Fri, Oct 7Johnson CountyL13-25T['more']
First road loss since 12/84 (54 games); rematch of '93 finals. JC fumble return for TD ended LC chances; Campbell's first-ever loss to Class A team during regular season. First time since '75 that LC had consec non-winning games during regular season.
Fri, Oct 14Putnam CountyW29-14H['more']
PC undefeated & ranked #7, LC #13. LC had 2 2nd half drives totaling 15 minutes to close the game after a 16-6 halftime lead (FG good). PC beat ECI in 4-A playoffs, then upset Charlton 20-7 in A playoffs.
Fri, Oct 21WrensW12-6T['more']
Must win game for LC since PC had beaten Wrens. Last season for Wrens & Louisville as they would merge into Jefferson County High for 1995. LC led 12-0.
Fri, Oct 28Warren CountyW27-0T['more']
Cold as usual in Warrenton
Fri, Nov 4AquinasW49-7T['more']
35-0 at half before subs; A scored w/1:00 left.
Fri, Nov 11Glascock CountyW62-7H['more']
34-0 at half before subs; GC 15 players, scored on 92y KO return late in 4th.
Fri, Nov 18Johnson CountyW28-20H['more']
J had lost to ECI to finish 2nd in 4-A South.
Fri, Nov 25Brooks CountyL29-33H['more']
Brooks 8-3, called by Campbell best team he had seen in a long time, with no weaknesses to exploit. 4 Div I-A prospects. LC jumped to 22-6 lead in 2nd, closed to 22-12 at half. Franklin Brown 96 int return restored lead to 29-19 going into 4th. Defense could not stop rushing game & shotgun passing. LC failed to get 1st on 4/a at its own 38, with BC scoring 3 plays later to lead w/8:15. LC fumbled w/5:00 left to end its comeback. Brooks moved down from AA, after 13yrs in playoffs - Trojans largest school in A. First time Campbell had lost a game after 14+ lead. First time since '72 that LC allowed more than 28 pts. First time EVER (since 1922) that Lincoln lost a game in which it scored at least 25 points. Brooks breezed through remaining playoffs to win title.
Totals for 19948-3-1


Fri, Sep 1Washington-WilkesW13-6T['more']
LC#4. Opening kickoff delayed 45 minutes due to lightning. Almost ran into curfew problem, w/game ending at 11:20. W-W scored after stealing ball in 4th (less than 5:00 left). LC drove down, with Tutt making big catch near goalline. Freeman (w/broken foot) scored to win. W-W did not lose again until finals, beating Elbert Co (14-6) & Washington Co. in regular season. WW (13-2) lost to Elbert (14-1) 27-0 @ WW in AA finals.
Fri, Sep 8McCormick, SCW35-0H['more']
McC won region, lost in 2nd round. M was home team, but played at LC due to field poblems at M. (Counted as LC home game in our stats.)
Fri, Sep 15Burke CountyW28-0H['more']
Finished 2nd in 4-AAA, lost in 2nd round (beat Thomson in 1st rnd). Josey won AAA w/15-0 record (only other undefeated school).
Fri, Sep 22Greene-TaliaferroW14-7T['more']
GT finished 4th in 4-AA, losing in first round to W-W.
Fri, Oct 6Johnson CountyW47-6H['more']
Fri, Oct 13Putnam CountyW28-14T['more']
LC led 13-0 late in 3rd when Devils fumbled 3 times within 1:30, with PC scoring on 2 turnovers (int & fumble) to take 14-13 lead. LC scored twice in 4th to win. PC finished 2nd in 4-A North, beat ECI in 1st round, then lost to Charlton 28-23 in 2nd rnd.
Fri, Oct 20Jefferson CountyW42-0H['more']
JC = combined Louisville & Wrens, w/Charles Rutland (Wrens) coaching. Warriors. Going to AA next yr. Came in w/only 1 loss. 42 most given up by JC this year. JC almost made playoffs.
Sat, Oct 28Warren CountyW40-6H['more']
Game postponed to Sat night due to bad storm & tornados Fri night. Only postponed/played game we can find. Scored against subs.
Fri, Nov 3AquinasW55-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 10Glascock CountyW68-8T['more']
Scored against subs. Field terrible, dropoffs at edges, few stands, hogwire around stands.
Fri, Nov 17East LaurensW42-7H['more']
Johnson had lost to ECI to finished 2nd in 4-A South.
Fri, Nov 24Turner CountyW18-6H['more']
Nearly 800yds total offense between teams. TC scored on long pass. LC scored on long run, long pass, & 30y run. Big game off/def for Freeman: 200y rush & intercept at LC10 to setup clinching TD. Great run after intercept 3rd/19 for 30y, breaking 6 tackles across the field & back.
Fri, Dec 1Toombs CountyW14-7H['more']
Toombs was Lyons (Bulldogs). Big crowd both sides. LC/TC fans brought noisemakers (horns, rocks in bottles). Fans on field before game. Everything went wrong: gate broke, PA bad during anthem, headsets broke, officials poor, execution poor. Def struggle. LC scored in 1st, but celebration penalty forced long PAT-K that failed. TC scored in 2nd after LC fumbled punt at LC35. 28yd run setup TD to give TC 7-6 lead. LC had several chances but did not score. Got ball after punt w/3:00 left; Leverett rushed for 7 on 4/3 to keep drive alive. Hit Tutt on 4 passes, last at 1" line w/0:08 left; Freeman went up-and-over w/0:05 left to win game. Freeman earlier had 30yd TD called back; officials said he was down and blew whistle (early?). Toombs ended at 12-1.
Fri, Dec 8BufordW14-0H['more']
All 4 semifinalists (+ Macon Co. & Manchester) 13-0. Macon beat Manchester 13-9 at Dome. Buford coached by ex-AAAA Marietta coach (Dexter Woods) who had coached Ga QB Eric Zeire. Campbell: "best coached team he had seen". Cold but mostly dry after forecast for sleet. Solid LC off/def. Buford had great QB that was held to negative rushing & <100 passing. He was intercepted twice by LC to double his total for year. Int at L4 late in 4th clinched win. LC used smoke for entrance.
Sat, Dec 16Macon CountyW12-0H['more']
#1 Macon (14-0), LC#2. MC beat Charlton, Metter, Manchester. Big team. Manchester asst coach (ex Devil player) said Manch could beat LC by 13. Huge crowd for 6pm start (due to WW-EC & Josey at home). Freeman scored on 2 runs. Great passing by Leverett to Tutt & Albea. Smoke on entrance. MC's huge sign tore before players could run thru it. MC did not cross M46, as their huge, heralded running attack gained 49yd in 1st half, 21 in 2nd. Passing game was "horrendous". Freeman 2nd effort on 2nd TD left MC players crying on field. MC 73-7 over 6 yrs, but no state titles (59-1 reg season). LC had 108rush, 155 pass. MC came on school buses (2 team, 3 band, 5 students) + 4 chartered fan buses. MC had allowed only 33 pts during reg season. LC defense ranked #4 overall.
Totals for 199515-0-0


Fri, Sep 6Washington-WilkesL0-18H['more']
Fri, Sep 13McCormick, SCW28-7H['more']
Fri, Sep 20Jefferson CountyW28-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 4Putnam CountyW28-0H['more']
PC (#3) supposed to be very good. Troy Albea returned 2 punts for TDs. Other 2 TDs were 66yd passes.
Fri, Oct 11MonticelloW28-21T['more']
M #3.
Fri, Oct 18AquinasW54-3T['more']
Fri, Oct 25GMCW61-0H['more']
LC 61-0 after 3 qtrs
Fri, Nov 1Johnson CountyW41-13H['more']
Fri, Nov 8Warren CountyW40-12T['more']
Fri, Nov 15Social CircleW32-24T['more']
First meeting. Almost lost late. Field next to graveyard (headstones on home side as close as stands normally are). COLD!! LC led Redskins 25-12 in 2nd qtr, but SC closed to 25-24 in 3rd qtr & threatened after that.
Fri, Nov 22Turner CountyL14-25H['more']
LC#1 in 4-A vs #4 TC (7-3 in 2-A). LC down 19-0 midway thru 3rd, fought back to 19-14 in early 4th. Macon Co. won Class A, beating Putnam in finals.
Totals for 19969-2-0


Fri, Sep 5Washington-WilkesW19-7T['more']
LC#2 WW#12. LC not lost to WW there since '75. WW did not make playoffs after forfeiting to G-T & Glascock for using JV player too many quarters. WW coach Brooks resigned after season.
Fri, Sep 12McCormick, SCW27-0T['more']
LC#1. 69yd endaround on first offensive play. McC won their region & played for SC A title, losing 28-0 in finals.
Fri, Sep 19Jefferson CountyW21-0H['more']
LC#2 after Miller beat Macon Co. bad.
Fri, Oct 3Putnam CountyW36-14T['more']
PC had been #3 two weeks earlier; PC '96 A runnerup.
Fri, Oct 10MonticelloW42-6H['more']
Fri, Oct 17AquinasW40-7H['more']
Scored against subs.
Fri, Oct 24GMCW47-6T['more']
34-0 at half; clock ran 2nd half.
Fri, Oct 31Johnson CountyW32-0T['more']
Fri, Nov 7Warren CountyW26-14H['more']
19-0 at half. TDs came against subs.
Fri, Nov 14Social CircleW27-0H['more']
Campbell's #300; 0-0 at half; fireworks & presentations after game: portrait, ring, gameball.
Fri, Nov 21Seminole CountyW35-6H['more']
S scored after LC fumbled opening kickoff. First team to score in 1st half against LC this year.
Fri, Nov 28Clinch CountyW12-6T['more']
LC scored after turnover early, but could not capitalize on other Clinch turnovers. Clinch scored on 80yd drive in 2nd half. In OT, LC drove to CC6 but failed to score on fake FG on 4th down. LC TD came on running play after CC apparently let runner score untouched in order to get ball and have time left to score (2:35). Devil D won game late. 11th straight playoff road win (back to '94).
Sat, Dec 6Miller CountyW14-12T['more']
M #1, 12-0, avg 53.5 pts per game, 2400yd (Charles Grant) & 1100yd (Callaway) running backs. LC appealed location but lost (rules changed next year). Miller set state record for most points ever scored (642-90); broke 13-gam & 15-gm records after only 12-games. Final 654 = 50.5 ppg scored. Huge crowd (4,500+) there. Fans in stands at 3:30 for 6:00 game. Devil Defense GREAT! Stopped Pirates 6 times on 4th down. LC scored on 78yd fumble return in 2nd qtr, and 63yd pass in 3rd. MC scored on 18yd run in 3rd and 40yd run in 4th, but failed on PAT run by Grant. Grant ran 30 times for 120 yds, but NO TDs. MC finished with 321r/120p/14fd to LC 93r/74p/4fd. Penalties & turnovers kept MC from scoring. Final threat ended at LC33 after 3 MC passes fell incomplete (0:35 left). G Hearst on sidelines recovering from broken collarbone (SF49ers). LC spent night in Albany prior to game. Campbell: this may have been the biggest victory in his career, since almost no one gave the Devils a chance to win. Game theme was "Shock the World", with fans picking up on the Muhammed Ali theme with "Thriller in Miller" sign.
Sat, Dec 13ManchesterL3-6T['more']
M (#6, 12-1) beat Trion 40-0 in qtrfinals. M TD questionable: LC had stopped M on 4th down, but official said LC had called TO. M scored on 2yd run on next play. QB Barnett very banged up after this & Miller game. M ran over Irwin in title game. LC ended ranked at #2. First time in Devil history that they lost and scored exactly 3 points.
Totals for 199713-1-0


Fri, Sep 4BufordW30-6H['more']
B finished 5-5, missing playoffs
Fri, Sep 11McCormick, SCW38-28H['more']
McC & LC both #1 in their states' Class A rankings going into game. M jumped out to large first quarter lead, with Devils coming back in 2nd half in what may be greatest comeback in LC history. Lincoln High in SC got several 1st place poll votes the following week, but M remained #1.
Fri, Sep 18Jefferson CountyL0-7T['more']
First loss to JC team since 1957 (Wrens). JC won their region.
Fri, Sep 25Putnam CountyW21-6H['more']
Fri, Oct 2Social CircleW35-6T['more']
Fri, Oct 9Oglethorpe CountyW45-9T['more']
O finished 4th in 7-A.
Fri, Oct 16Athens AcademyW20-0H['more']
AA finished 3rd in 7-A.
Fri, Oct 23MonticelloW41-0T['more']
Fri, Nov 6Warren CountyW36-3H['more']
Homecoming - clock running 2nd half
Fri, Nov 13Washington-WilkesW26-0H['more']
WW new coach (Frank Vohun) - finished 2nd in region, losing to Darlington 7-0 in 2nd round.
Sat, Nov 21TempleW39-8H['more']
Fri, Nov 27CommerceW47-23H['more']
C running back Monte Williams injured in 1st half & did not return.
Fri, Dec 4Dooly CountyW34-8T['more']
Sat, Dec 12Greater Atl ChristianW35-34T['more']
Devils scored on run w/less than 3:00 to go to win.
Sat, Dec 19DarlingtonL6-16H['more']
Questionable fumble call late in game cost LC comeback chance.
Totals for 199813-2-0


Fri, Sep 3BufordL19-24T['more']
LC fell behind, came back to lead in 4th before falling behind on long pass; first trip to Buford since '76 state title game.
Fri, Sep 10McCormick, SCW48-0T['more']
McC lost first round playoff game in SC-A.
Fri, Sep 17Jefferson CountyW27-0H['more']
Fri, Sep 24Putnam CountyW27-6T['more']
Fri, Oct 1Social CircleW49-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 8Oglethorpe CountyW42-14H['more']
O finished 4th in 7-A.
Fri, Oct 15Athens AcademyL21-23T['more']
AA kicked 23FG w/no time left to win. Several questionable calls. LC jumped to 14-0 1stqtr lead, but trailed 17-14 at half. LC came back to 3rdQ 21-14 lead. First region loss since 1983, ending 108-gm streak (state record). At halftime, many LC fans migrated to visitor side & stood during second half. FG came after first attempt failed but nullified when kicker conned the officials into calling a roughing penalty. They admitted that was a planned play in newspaper the next day.
Fri, Oct 22MonticelloW54-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 5Warren CountyW53-0H['more']
Homecoming - clock running 2nd half.
Fri, Nov 12Washington-WilkesL14-21T['more']
Questionable call on fumble may have cost Lincoln game.
Fri, Nov 19CallawayW21-14T['more']
Fri, Nov 26Dawson CountyW40-7H['more']
Dawson upset undefeated Trion 35-7 week earlier.
Fri, Dec 3Calvary BaptistW30-22H['more']
LC up 30-7 into 4th before giving up two late TDs, last against subs
Sat, Dec 11CommerceW35-21H['more']
Commerce undefeated and #1 behind Monte Williams running; Williams rushed 19/167 + 34 reception & 3 Tds in first half; stopped for no gain on 4&6"at50 in 4thqtr; 12/25y in 2nd half; LC scored on two fumbles in first 4 minutes, another in 4th quarter, and recovered KO fumble to clinch. LC led 14-0, 14-7, 21-7, 21-14, 28-14, 28-21. LC made adjustments at half to stop Monte; Mason/Wright both over 100yds; big noisy crowd at Georgia Dome.
Sat, Dec 18Charlton CountyL0-20H['more']
CC had 6 Div. I prospects. Controlled game w/size/speed. CC may have been best team in state (all classes).
Totals for 199911-4-0


Fri, Sep 1HephzibahW26-6H['more']
Fri, Sep 8McCormick, SCW35-6H['more']
Fri, Sep 15Washington-WilkesL7-13H['more']
controversies: spying, hit on LC QB; W-W only lost in AA finals
Fri, Sep 29CommerceL15-16T['more']
C: Monte Williams; had lost to W-W; C wins 2000 title; 4th qtr comeback on 2nd chance FG (questionable pen)
Fri, Oct 6BufordL6-21T['more']
B only losses to Commerce twice
Fri, Oct 13Athens AcademyW27-7H['more']
Fri, Oct 20AquinasW42-16T['more']
Fri, Oct 27Social CircleW33-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 3GMCW38-3T['more']
Fri, Nov 10Warren CountyW26-7H['more']
Fri, Nov 24WesleyanW45-7H['more']
Fri, Dec 1BremenW35-7H['more']
Fri, Dec 8MetterW33-7H['more']
M undefeated
Sat, Dec 16CommerceL14-17N['more']
C: Monte brought Tigers back in 4th to overcome LC lead.
Totals for 200010-4-0


Fri, Aug 31HephzibahL0-10H['more']
Overtime: The Devils and Rebels struggled to a 0-0 tie in regulation, then a 50-yard run setup a Rebel field goal in the first OT period. The Rebels returned an interception for a TD inside the final minute of the second OT period to clinch the game 10-0. This game marked the first overtime game ever played in Lincolnton.
Fri, Sep 7McCormick, SCW21-6H['more']
The Devils, looking much improved, used a opportunitistic defense and diversified offense to beat the McCormick Chiefs 21-6, with the McCormick TD being late and questionable.
Fri, Sep 21Washington-WilkesL14-55T['more']
Lincoln County scored first early in the game, but it was all Tigers after that, as W-W dominated the Devils as has rarely been seen. The 55 points is the most ever against a team from Lincolnton. This game marks the first time since 1955 that the Tigers have defeated the Devils three consecutive times. This game was played a week later than originally planned due to the 9/11/2001 Terrorist Attacks on the USA.
Fri, Sep 28CommerceL12-13H['more']
The defending Class A Champions once again came from behind the fourth quarter to ninp the Devils 13-12. Lincoln led 6-0 at the half and 12-0 into the last minute of the third quarter.
Fri, Oct 5BufordL6-31H['more']
Buford proved to be the team to beat in Class A in 2001, as the Wolves scored 3 TDs in less than 4 minutes in the second quarter to win 31-6. The Wolves will be moving to Class AA in 2002. Lorne Sam, brother of last year's Wolves star P K Sam, is a powerful weapon at QB.
Fri, Oct 12Athens AcademyL0-14T['more']
First 4-game losing streak in over 30 years; The Devils played the Spartans even for most of the game, but came up on the losing end 14-0 to #3 Athens Academy. AA has their best team ever, led by Georgia Top QB Joe Tereshinski. The Spartans are the pre-season pick to take 7-A away from the Devils.
Fri, Oct 19AquinasW42-6H['more']
Big Red continued its unblemished record in Homecoming games under Larry Campbell as it whipped Aquinas 42-6.Sanchez Jones led the offensive attack with 128 yards on 6 carries, including TD runs of 75 and 36 yards.
Fri, Oct 26Social CircleW36-8T['more']
Cedric Leverett passed for 144 yards and Jeremy Wright rushed for 95 yards to lead the Red Devils to a 36-8 win over Social Circle. The Devils are 3-0 in Walton County at the Redskins' "The Graveyard."
Fri, Nov 2GMCW23-14H['more']
After spotting GMC's Bulldogs 14 points after turnovers, the Red Devils fought back to tie the game and then score twice in overtime to win and secure a playoff spot.Cedric Leverett led the Devils with 199 total yards.
Fri, Nov 9Warren CountyW28-10T['more']
The Red Devils once again found themselves behind in the first half, but they used their ball-control offense to take over the game and whip the Screaming Devils 28-10 and wrap-up the second seed in Region 4-A, guaranteeing a home playoff game. Sanchez Jones scored twice and rushed for 98 yards, with Courtney Partlow, Octavius Andrews, and QB Cedric Leverett all making important offense contributions.
Fri, Nov 23JeffersonW26-14H['more']
Courtney Partlow returned an interception for a touchdown and later scored on a run to lead the Red Devils to a 26-14 first-round win over the visiting Jefferson Dragons on a rainy night in Georgia.
Fri, Nov 30BowdonL6-14T['more']
Bowdon struck early with a 60-yard opening kickoff return and a strong running game, and barely made it stand up for a 14-6 win over our Red Devils. A two-point PAT attempt came up a yard short late in the third quarter to prevent a 8-7 Lincoln lead. Lincoln County ends the season 6-6.
Totals for 20016-6-0


Fri, Aug 30Washington-WilkesL0-22H['more']
The Red Devils, 32-point underdogs to the very-talented Tigers, won on all counts but points and turnovers, as the Devils lost 7 of nine fumbles. W-W managed only 2 first downs under new coach Ross New.
Thu, Sep 5McCormick, SCW42-8H['more']
Taveras Stokes returned the opening kickoff 90 yards and the Devils never looked back. Mel Partridge connected with Terrance Norman on TD passses of 7 and 14. Freshman Shawntavius Jennings returned an interception 27 yds for TD and rushed for 14 TD. McC had 12 yds offense before subs.
Fri, Sep 13Athens ChristianW34-0T['more']
Devils overcame rain and offensive jitters to whitewash Eagles 34-0. One other TD appeared to be scored, but the officials ruled it short, which they later said wasn't correct. Gavin Williams rushed for 138 yards on 13 carries, including TD runs of 87 and 12. Josh Beard added TD runs of 31 & 5, and Shawntavius Jennings scored from 3 out.
Fri, Sep 20Athens AcademyW34-10T['more']
Campbell Win #346 - Ties Dan Pitts for Ga All-Time Record. First win at Athens Academy in 3 tries. Octavius Andrews, on strained ankle, ran 12/157 & 3 TDs, plus fumble recovery. Gavin Williams had TD runs of 71 & 75 called back due to flags.
Fri, Oct 4CommerceL6-28T['more']
Commerce dominated from the opening kickoff before a huge crowd at Tiger Stadium, as Campbell tried for win#347. Commerce ran the option for the first time in 2002, catching the Devils unprepared.
Fri, Oct 11GMCW35-14T['more']
Win #347 for Coach Campbell. GMC took 14-0 lead early in 2nd quarter, but the Devils would have none of that this night. Octavius Andrews scored 3 TDs in the third quarter to bring the Devils back for the historic win.
Fri, Oct 18AquinasW47-2H['more']
31st consecutive Homecoming win. Campbell given LC BoC resolution naming Oct2002 as Larry Campbell Month in Lincoln County. He also give crystal football, with former coaches/players on field.
Fri, Nov 1Warren CountyW32-6T['more']
Campbell wins #349 and clinches playoff berth on possibly last visit by Devils to Warrenton's Legion Field.
Fri, Nov 1Johnson CountyL13-14H['more']
Devils lost 4 fumbles and interception; Johnson scored on two short drives after Devils fumbled inside 25; later LC fumbled inside JC 5 and threw interception with minute remaining after 1st&10 at JC15.
Fri, Nov 8Twiggs CountyL15-18H['more']
Twiggs had outscored 8 opps 295-16, ranked #7. Devils took 8-0 lead, then 8-6 at half. Twiggs took lead in 4th at 12-8, LC came back 15-12. Twiggs scored on 15-yd pass with 1:57 left for win. Octavius Andrews carried 23 times for 176 yards. GMC upset Johnson to give LC #2 seed in 7-A.
Fri, Nov 22BremenW39-15H['more']
Red Devils held Bremen to 3 yards rushing in 2nd half after gaining 115 in the first half. Andrews and Williams both rushed for over 100 yards.
Fri, Nov 29Landmark ChristianW21-0T['more']
Game played at Sandy Creek HS (diamond logo) due to insufficent LCS stadium seating. LCS led by QB Alex Mortensen, son of ESPN NFL analyst Chris Mortensen, 2400y/25TDs. Held to 11/22/128/2, 2 sacks, hurries. LCS ran 8 plays inside LC10 and didn't score. LC 350 yds offense. LCS had avg 44 pts per game.
Fri, Dec 6Clinch CountyL14-28T['more']
Clinch #1 all year, 12-0. Had beaten Charlton 14-12. LC scored in Q2 to lead 6-0 at half; CC ran KO after TD back to 8 but Devils stopped them 3 times with time running out. CC took lead on Lorenzo Kelsaw 3 run. [Kelsaw 21/162] but LC came right back with Gavin Williams 2nd TD, 43 run. LC led 14-13 going into 4th before CC scored on 45y and 59y runs. CC over 350y total off.
Totals for 20028-5-0


Fri, Aug 29Washington-WilkesW21-8T['more']
LC win ended 4-game win streak by W-W; Russell Morgan new W-W head coach, after Ross New left after one year. Despite losing key offensive lineman to injury, Devils controlled game from start to take 21-0 lead into fourth qtr.
Fri, Sep 5McCormick, SCW41-0T['more']
Devils scored 28 points in first 12:12 of game; Travis Clark 6/10/172/0/1 & 3/32 in quarter+half of play. Devils totalled 487 yds offense.
Fri, Sep 12Athens ChristianW63-0H['more']
LC scored 50 points in first qtr, which lasted 55 minutes. Entire game played in AC territory; clock ran 2nd qtr; 3rd/4th qtrs shortened to 4.5 minutes each. Antonio Searles scored 4 TDs, 3 rushing + 1 fumble recovery in endzone. Starters played just over a quarter.
Fri, Sep 19Athens AcademyW35-7H['more']
Devils led 28-0 at half, adding 7 in third before AA scored in 4th. Travis Clark 8/20/147/1 and 6/42/1 rushing, plus two good hits on defenders. Cordarryl Coppin 3/3/96. Drum Long 2/76 and Steven Brown 3/90/1 receiving.
Fri, Sep 26CommerceW14-7H['more']
Lincoln County scored twice in the last 5 minutes of the first half, then narrowly avoided another Commerce miracle comeback in the last minutes of the game to win 14-7 and end the Tigers' 4-game win streak over the Devils.
Fri, Oct 10GMCW54-0H['more']
Devils pounded Bulldogs, leading 40-0 at the half after bettering GMC 197-0 in first half yards.
Fri, Oct 17AquinasW46-3T['more']
Devils scored on first 6 possessions. New GHSA "Mercy Rule" ran clock in second half.
Fri, Oct 24Warren CountyW55-20H['more']
Homecoming; Dedication of Thomas Bunch Fieldhouse; Travis Clark passed for 352 yards and 4 TDs and Taveras Stokes returned punts for 63 and 52-yard TDs to lead the Red Devils. Warren County's first quarter TD was the first points scored against LC in the first half this season, and the first time LC was behind in 2003.
Fri, Oct 31Johnson CountyW48-0T['more']
Steven Brown caught 3 TD passes, Travis Clark passed for 3 TD passes to lead Devils to win as their top 3 running backs out with injuries.
Fri, Nov 7Twiggs CountyW29-7T['more']
LC #1, Twiggs #4, played at "The Cobra Pit" in Jeffersonville, 3 hours away. Twiggs scored on 62yd run on first play; Devils came right back with 5 minute drive and Clark scoring from 8, and then passing for PAT and 8-7 lead. Devils added 3 TDs in second half. Twiggs had two 1000-yd runners, but held to 159 yards total.
Fri, Nov 21TempleW31-10H['more']
30yd FG by Josh Beard, 2 TDs by Shawntavius Jennings, Travis Clark 8/70 rush + 9/22/147/0 passing
Fri, Nov 28Athens AcademyW35-6H['more']
LC#1, AA finished 3rd in 8-A then upset Bowdon in first round. Travis Clark rushed for 3 TDs, passed for 1 TD and PAT.
Fri, Dec 5MetterW56-7T['more']
LC totalled 548 yards offense, scored 4 3rd qtr points in this rout. Metter 11-1, #4 in polls, QB Zach Stanford had passed for over 2800 yrds and 27 TDs, but Devils stopped him with 13/34/155/1 and 1 22yd TD. One of best LC games ever played.
Fri, Dec 12TrionW28-24T['more']
In one of the most thrilling games in the Dome and in the history of the Lincoln County program, the Red Devils picked themselves off the floor of the Dome, drove 67 yards on 4 plays in 38 seconds, and won the game with 25 seconds left. The final TD pass stopped one of the biggest comebacks in GHSA playoff history, as Trion had taken a 24-22 lead after training 22-0 at the half. The game provided revenge for the Devils against Trion, since the Bulldogs nipped the Devils 7-0 with 1:18 to go in 1974's title game
Sat, Dec 20HawkinsvilleL8-18T['more']
Hawkinsville, loaded with Division I talent, was supposed to run all over our Devils, but the Lincoln Lads quickly showed this would be a tough game. QB Travis Clark suffered a concussion on LC's second play, tried to return, but was removed in the third quarter when he couldn't remember plays. A bad officiating call on a time-our request by Hawkinsville helped those Devils scored as the first half ended, taking momentum and a 12-0 lead. LC came back on a fumble takeaway and a 25-yard run by Shawntavius Jennings to cut the lead to 12-8, but 14-0 Hawkinsville hit another long pass for 18-8 and held on to win their first title since 1959.
Totals for 200314-1-0


Fri, Aug 20Greene CountyL6-21H['more']
Greene County used its size and speed to score 14 points in less than a minute of game time to lead 14-0 very early in the third and go on to win 21-6. Our Devils actually had more rushing and passing yards than the visitors, but a late fumble ended LC's last viable attempt to tie the game.
Fri, Aug 27Burke CountyW7-6T['more']
Burke County took a 6-0 lead in the second quarter, helped by a Devil turnover. The second half was a different story, as our Devils dominated the Bears with 240 offensive yards to only 10 for Burke. Big Red kept getting closer to the endzone, finally scoring on a 4th-&-goal 11-yard pass from Cord Coppin to Steven Brown at the goalline with 3:25 left in the game.
Fri, Sep 10GreenbrierW22-7H['more']
The Devil Defense kept the game close in the first half, and then the Coppin-Barden combo took to the air to score once and setup a second TD. Brandon Barden caught 4 passes for 115 yards, a TD and a PAT. Coppin completed 5 attempts for 131 yards, two TDs, the PAT, and ran for the final TD.
Sat, Sep 18CommerceW18-13T['more']
After a one-day delay due to Hurricane Ivan, and a first half played in the daylight, Lincoln County overcame 3 turnovers to beat the Commerce Tigers 18-13 in a nail-biter that saw the lead change six times. A strong defense and an offense that was rushing and passing well helped the Devils finally win in Tiger Stadium for the first time in several years.
Fri, Sep 24Athens AcademyW14-9T['more']
Lincoln County spotted Athens Academy a long field goal before returning an interception for a touchdown in the second quarter to take a lead that the Devils would not relinquish. Sophomore Darrell Norman had an outstanding night with 83 yards on 14 carries and the clinching 15-yard touchdown reception.
Fri, Oct 1AquinasW27-0H['more']
Aquinas came into the game with high hopes and the best record in school history at 5-0. Lincoln County quickly reminded the Irish whose field they were playing on, and who still ruled the 7-A roost. A flea-flicker on the first play from scrimmage setup the Devils' first TD only 40 seconds into the game. Our Devils dominated the Irish, gaining nearly 400 yards in the first half to only 12 for the Irish.
Fri, Oct 8Hancock CentralW42-2H['more']
Hancock Central came in much improved over recent seasons, but it was too little to face our Devils. Lincoln led 21-3 at half, and the mercy rule went into effect in the fourth quarter. The Bulldogs were held to negative rushing yardage.
Fri, Oct 15Washington-WilkesW21-9H['more']
The Tigers took an early 7-0 lead on a blocked punt, but the Devil offense dominated the rest of the game for a 21-9 win against our biggest rival. The win secures the best possible playoff path for Lincoln County, thanks to the outcome of the latest battle in the The 378 War.
Fri, Oct 22Warren CountyW31-0T['more']
Big Red capitalized on 6 Warren County turnovers to whip the Screaming Devils 31-0. A Larry Campbell team has never lost to Warren County, now in 30 contests. The victory gives Lincoln County the 2004 Region 7-A title.
Fri, Oct 29GMCW41-0T['more']
Lincoln County completed their sweep of Region 7-A with a shutout of the GMC Bulldogs. Youngsters looked good as they saw much playing time in the second half.
Fri, Nov 5Our Lady of MercyW53-0H['more']
The Our Lady of Mercy Bobcats won their first game of the year in the last week of the regular season to earn a #4 playoff seed. Unfortunately that earned them a visit to Lincolnton. The Bobcats tried to slow down the game, but it didn't help much. It was 39-0 at the half, with the second half played under mercy rules.
Fri, Nov 12CommerceW35-14H['more']
Commerce took an early 7-0 lead and was ahead 7-6 going into halftime, but the Red Devils dominated the second half to take a resounding 35-14 win. Gavin Williams scored 3 touchdowns and rushed for season-high 157 yards to lead the Devils to a great win.
Fri, Nov 19McIntosh County AcademyW14-0T['more']
Our Devils controlled the first half but had no points to show for it. Cord Coppin scored in the third quarter, and Taveras Stokes returned a punt 53 yards for insurance as the Devils earned they way to the Georgia Dome. The game was played in Brunswick since MCA's stadium did not meet GHSA playoff requirements.
Fri, Nov 26Clinch CountyL6-26T['more']
Lincoln County took a 6-0 lead in the first quarter, but the tenacious Panther defense created turnovers that led Clinch County to a 26-6 win. Our Devils were hobbled by injuries to several key players before and during the game.
Totals for 200412-2-0


Fri, Aug 19Greene CountyL13-38T['more']
Lincoln County took a 7-0 lead on the game's opening possession, but injuries, cramps, turnovers, and inexperience distanced the Tigers from our Devils. Greene was faster, bigger, and more experienced, running up over 400 yards offense to 260 for LC.
Fri, Aug 26Burke CountyL7-15H['more']
LC took a 7-0 lead in the first quarter, and led at the half 7-3 before the Bears scored twice in the second half to win. This loss was the first time since 1975 that LC lost the second game of the seasion, and the first time since 1972 that the Devils started a season 0-2.
Fri, Sep 9GreenbrierL16-36T['more']
LC took 7-0 lead on first possession, controlled most of first half; had TD called back on penalty in 2nd Qtr. 7-7 at half. Vance Tarver kicked 25 FG. 98-yd kickoff return by Gb broke open game. Gb backs ran 15/190 and 13/118. First time since 1955 that Devils started 0-3. First time since 1972 that LC allowed 35+ points twice in a season.
Fri, Sep 16CommerceW28-5H['more']
Devils jumped out to 21-0 halftime lead. LC turnover led to Commerce FG, but Devils came back with TD. Win ends 4-game losing streak. Devils had not started 0-4 since 1954.
Fri, Sep 23Athens AcademyW10-7H['more']
Starting QB Brandon Barden left the game late in the first half with an injured ankle, and returned early in the 4th after xrays were negative to score the Devils first points on a 3-yd run. Vance Tarver added a 31-yard FG before Athens Academy scored on a 28-yard pass with just over 2 minutes left. AA recovered an onside kick, but their comeback was stopped with 24 seconds left in the game.
Fri, Sep 30AquinasW41-6T['more']
Devils led 28-0 at end of 1st qtr, 35-6 at half. Fourth quarter player under mercy rule.
Fri, Oct 7Hancock CentralW30-6T['more']
Rain stopped just before kickoff, leaving the field a quagmire. Devils scored almost at will in the first half, with Beale, Jennings, and Darrell Norman scoring and Tarver adding a 33-yd FG for a 30-0 halftime lead. Norman scored again on a 53-yd run in the third to kick-in the "mercy" rule. Hancock's TD came against LC JV team.
Fri, Oct 14Washington-WilkesW20-13T['more']
Devils were huge underdogs to 4th-ranked W-W; Chronicle picked Tigers 27-0. Devils took early 6-0 lead, but trailed 10-6 at half thanks to 61-yard run by Tigers. Brandon Barden scored on 1 and 3 yard runs in second half to put Devils ahead with 2:42 left. Interception then sealed win.
Fri, Oct 21Warren CountyW30-0H['more']
Warren had been averaging over 45 points per game in their last five, with speedy runners. LC forced 5 fumbles that led to a 18-0 halftime lead and mercy rules during last quarter. Warren coached by former Wrens/Jefferson County Charles Rutland (190-106-6, including 1-29 vs LC).
Fri, Oct 28GMCW41-6H['more']
After a slow start, our Devils broke long runs by Brandon Barden and Darrell Norman to open a 21-0 halftime lead before Rontae Norman returned a punt 70 yards to activate mercy rules in the fourth quarter.
Fri, Nov 4JeffersonW27-7H['more']
Devils scored on first possession on 24-yard pass, but Jefferson rushed back scoring on 31-yd run near end of first quarter to lead 7-6. LC drove back with Brandon Barden scoring from 4 yards out with 9:35 left in the half. Tyler Beale added a 2-yard TD with 2:07 left in the half. Beale scored on 65-yard run with 1:51 left in the game for the final difference.Two turnovers cost Jefferson deep in LC territory.
Fri, Nov 11Gordon LeeW35-14H['more']
Lincoln County jumped out to a 14-0 lead on 8 and 71 yard runs by Rontae Norman in the first 6 minutes enroute to a 35-14 win over Gordon Lee in the 2005 second round playoff game. Darrell Norman scored on a 65-yard run, and Franklin Jones returned a fumble 36 yards for a TD to cement the win.
Fri, Nov 18Twiggs CountyW22-0H['more']
Twiggs County, the #4 seed from 4-A, had upset #2 McIntosh County Academy and Defending Co-Champ Clinch County 12-10 to earn trip to Lincolnton. Devils had 2 TDs nullified in first half, as officials called 15 penalties in the first 2 quarters. LC scored on a 25-yard FG in the third, then added 19 points in the 4th. Most of game was spent on Twiggs end of field. Win puts Devils in Dome for record 7th time, this time against 12-1 Johnson County. W-W and Bowdon (10-7 winners over Hawkinsville) play in other semifinal.
Fri, Nov 25Johnson CountyW48-21T['more']
The final score may be a bit deceiving as the game wasn't put out of reach until the Devils scored with 5:47 left to go 41-21. LC took a 7-0 lead on their first possession, but Johnson scored on two long passes (including one tipped by LC) to take a 14-7 lead just into the 2nd quarter. Big Red didn't flinch, coming back for a 29-14 halftime lead after a 56-yard punt return by Rontae Norman and a fumble recovery that led to a TD. The Trojans returned the 2nd half kickoff 80 yards to cut the lead to 8. On 1st-&-30 at the LC 15, Shawntavius Jennings broke through and outran the defense to the endzone. LC added 2 TDs in the fourth to clinch their 21st semifinal win. Kickoff time in the dome was 3:36, as the Devils played the third of a 5-game schedule.
Fri, Dec 2Washington-WilkesW25-0H['more']
THE BIGGEST GAME EVER. Before over 7,000 fans at BBF, LC dominated the Tigers 25-0 for the Class A State Title, and evened the all-time series (31-31-6) for the first time since 1922. 10th title for Campbell, 13th for Devils, and 7th straight finals loss for W-W. Fans lined up at 3, gates opened at 5 for 7:30 kickoff. National Guard assisted 40 law enforcement officers in crowd control. Alex Bradford made diving catch at 1 to setup Barden QB sneak with 36 seconds left in first half. Rontae inches short of returning interception for TD as half ended. Devils stopped Tigers with only 6 rushing yards in 2nd half, while running for 171 and 3 TDs themselves. Barden had 3 TDs on the night.
Totals for 200512-3-0


Fri, Sep 1McCormick, SCW33-0T['more']
Our Devils were stopped only by their mistakes as Lincoln County outran McCormick 33-0. Darell Norman carried 11 times for 160 yards to lead the rushing attack. QB Brandon Barden scored from 1-yard out on the ground and threw for another TD.
Fri, Sep 8HarlemW35-14H['more']
LC #1. First meeting with Harlem since 1989. First game between Harlem coach Jimmy Lewis and LC.
Fri, Sep 15Washington-WilkesL0-3H['more']
LC lost the game on turnovers and miscues, and the Devil defense controlled the Tigers throughout. The Devils lost 3 fumbles inside the Tiger 30, including at the 1 with the ball recovered in the endzone by W-W. The Tigers' field goal came with 5:13 left in the game after LC mishandled a punt attempt at its 37. The Tigers reclaimed the lead in the long-running rivalry, 32-31-6.
Fri, Sep 29AquinasW55-0T['more']
Lincoln County got off to a slow start, but burst out with 28 points in the third quarter. Twelve different Devil backs saw the ball as the Devils emptied the bench in the second half.
Fri, Oct 6MonticelloW42-0T['more']
Big Red made its first trip to Monticello's Rose Bowl in many years, and big plays led to a 42-0 blowout of the Hurricanes. Rontae Norman returned a punt 76 yards, Brandon Barden scored on an 86-yard run, and Darell Norman sprinted 79 to the endzone. Vance Tarver was successful on all 6 PAT kicks.
Fri, Oct 13Hancock CentralW35-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 20Wilkinson CountyW28-6H['more']
Fri, Oct 27Warren CountyW28-7T['more']
Fri, Nov 3Twiggs CountyW41-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 10GMCW32-0T['more']
Larry Campbell's 300th regular season win.
Fri, Nov 17TrionW53-8H['more']
Campbell's 399th overall win and 99th playoff win. Trion zero net yards at half, LC leading 41-0. Second half played under mercy rules. Trion scored late against Devil JV.
Fri, Nov 24Eagle's Landing ChristianW34-0H['more']
Fri, Dec 1HawkinsvilleW31-7H['more']
Fri, Dec 8CommerceW21-3T['more']
Sat, Dec 16Clinch CountyW21-14H['more']
Totals for 200614-1-0


Fri, Aug 31McCormick, SCW38-2H['more']
Fri, Sep 7HarlemW24-7T['more']
Sat, Sep 15Washington-WilkesW32-0T['more']
Game delayed from previous night due to lightning. Kickoff at 2:00. Hot sun - sunburns! 14 consecutive quarters with no W-W TDs. 32 was magic number - 32-0, two 32-yard passes, 32-yard TD run, and win tied series at 32-32-6.
Fri, Sep 28AquinasW40-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 5MonticelloW41-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 12Hancock CentralW36-12T['more']
Very poor officiating. Not unfair, just bad. Called 25 penalties for 200 yards against both teams -- had problems walking off yards right.
Fri, Oct 19Wilkinson CountyW35-32T['more']
Wilkinson very quick. Turnovers and other LC mistakes helped keep game close. Poor field lighting.
Fri, Oct 26Warren CountyW14-7H['more']
Fri, Nov 2Twiggs CountyL7-12T['more']
Twiggs scored in 2nd and led 6-0 into 4th quarter. Middlebrooks scored on 48yd run with 9:15 left with Tarver's PAT giving LC 7-6 lead. Cobras scored on 34yd pass with 1:08 left. Devils at Cobra 4 as time expired. Devils playing without several key players due to injuries and other reasons.
Fri, Nov 9GMCW48-0H['more']
Devils win 36th straight Homecoming game. Mercy rules appplied in 4th qtr. Middlebrooks 3 rushing TDs. Devils finish regular season tied with Warren County and Twiggs County with 1 region loss, thus 7-A Co-Champs. Devils seeded third in playoffs since Warren had 1 CLass A win outside 7-A, and Twiggs/Lincoln faced no other A opponents. Twiggs gets 2nd due to win over LC.
Fri, Nov 16Landmark ChristianW36-15T['more']
Devils jumped to 10-0 lead after 38-yd FG after opening onsides kickoff. Middlebrooks carried 17 times for 220 yards (78-yd and 60-yd TDs with 50-yard TD run called back), plus 2 receptions for 30 yards. Landmark located at old Campbell of Fairburn campus, very near busy train line and under Atlanta Airport takeoff route. Debut of velcro run-thru sign.
Fri, Nov 23BremenW19-7T['more']
Cold night on first visit to Bremen. Scoreless at half. Middlebrooks 53-yd TD run in 3rd qtr. Increased lead to 19-0 before Bremen scored late in 4th.
Fri, Nov 30Wilcox CountyL24-34T['more']
Devils jumped out to 21-0 lead in first 6:15 due to bad punt snap, interception, and punt return for TD. Wilcox got untracked and was unstoppable the rest of the game, gaining over 400 yards total offense. First time a Campbell team lost a game in which it led 21-0.
Totals for 200711-2-0


Fri, Aug 29Greene CountyW14-0H['more']
Thu, Sep 4McCormick, SCW49-0T['more']
Game played one day early due to weather concerns regarding Hurricane Hanna.
Fri, Sep 12HephzibahW23-0T['more']
LC scored on first possession of game, led 17-0 at half. Field goal came with 42 seconds left in first half when Vance Tarver booted a 45-yard free kick field goal, the third of his career. This was the second game at Hephzibah's $9.6 million athletic complex, and their first loss/shutout on their new field. Gas prices were seen as high as $5.00 on the way to the game due to hurricane effects.
Fri, Sep 19Abbeville, SCL17-28T['more']
Abbeville #2 in SC Class AA at 3-0, averaging over 30 points per game. LC had not given up a point in 2008. Huge crowd in Abbeville. Devils led 17-7 in 2nd, 17-14 at half and into 4th. Abbeville strong running game and passing-when-need led their comeback in 4th quarter. Panthers led in total yards 346-277 and 30:15-17:45 in time of possession. New pants for Devils - silver with red design below knee.
Fri, Sep 26CommerceW35-6H['more']
Rainy night. LC scored 40 seconds into game, with Commerce matching score. LC added 19 in 2nd for 25-6 halftime lead, then added 10 in third. Third straight loss for Commerce in 2008.
Fri, Oct 3AquinasW42-16T['more']
Aquinas had lost to Glascock County 41-20 the week before. Irish took early lead 3-0 on first possession, with game close at half, LC 14-13. A. G. Middlebrooks broke game open in third quarter on TD runs of 76 and 80 yards, and with a 59-yard TD pass reception in the 4th. He ended the game with 324 yards (8/238 rushing and 3/86 passing).
Fri, Oct 17Washington-WilkesW14-6H['more']
On rainy night, W-W took a 6-0 lead in 2nd qtr on 63-yard pass before our Devils scored on A. G. Middlebrooks 3-yard run with 2:33 left in half. Vance Tarver's kick gave Devils 7-6 halftime lead. Middlebrooks broke loose on 55-yard TD run with 5:18 left in game to all but cement the win. This came one play after Devils stopped the Tigers for a 2-yard loss on a fake punt play. Turnovers gave W-W more chances, but Devil defense came through time after time. This win gave LC lead in all-time series for the FIRST TIME EVER -- 33-32-6.
Thu, Oct 23Hancock CentralW41-0H['more']
Homecoming - game moved up one day due to expected heavy rains on Friday night. Devils scored 27 in 2nd quarter for 41-0 halftime lead. Second half played under mercy rules.
Fri, Oct 31Wilkinson CountyW20-0H['more']
Devils clinch 2008 7-A title with this win. Wilkinson very fast - several players under 4.7 - had placed teams first and second in State 4x100 relay last spring. Scoreless at half after LC stopped at 2 in first quarter. Wilkinson had 1 first down and 16 net yards, compared to 261 and 10 for LC. Green scored on 61-yd run, and McGahee on 53-yd run, in 3rd qtr to break game open. Tarver added field goals of 25 and 32 in 4th.
Fri, Nov 7Warren CountyW41-7T['more']
34th straight win over Warren County. First game at new Warrenton field. Screaming Devils scored late against subs. LC led 20-0 end of first.
Fri, Nov 14Social CircleW32-0H['more']
Win tied Devils with Valdosta for most GHSA playoff wins with 113. LC: 113-25-0, V: 113-26-1. Game played in fog and mist. Devils scored early and often, leading 26-0 at the half. Fourth quarter played under mercy rules. Middlebrooks rushed for 111 and Green returned interception 35 yards for FG. Tarver added FGs of 31 and 22 yards.
Fri, Nov 21Eagle's Landing ChristianW7-0H['more']
Devils played poor game, losing 2 of 6 fumbles, 1 interception, and a bad punt snap. Devil Defense saved win with 5 stops within the LC 20. Middlebrooks 59 yard run in 2nd quarter provided only scoring.
Fri, Nov 28Wilcox CountyW27-12H['more']
Wilcox (12-0) #2, LC #3. Wilcox had not scored less than 21 all year. LC up 14-12 at half, then scored early in 4th to go up 21-12. A. G. Middlebrooks rushed for 3 TDs. Devils watched replay of previous year's 34-24 loss at Wilcox morning of game. Wilcox brought huge crowd. Game played in light rain.
Fri, Dec 5WesleyanL12-20T['more']
Totals for 200812-2-0


Fri, Aug 28Greene CountyW14-7T['more']
Game set new state record for most wins by two opposing coaches - 674 - Campbell 426 + Winslette 248. Greene County honored many of their former coaches (and LC) before the game. Ercell Daniel returned punt 47 yards in 1st qtr to give LC lead. Tigers tied early in 4th on 35-yd pass. Franklin Sherman connected with A. G. Middlebrooks on 53-yard screen pass with 2:32 left in game in give Devils' final lead.
Fri, Sep 4McCormick, SCW28-6H['more']
Tavious McGahee scored 3 touchdowns in less than four minutes in the fourth quarter to put the game out of reach of the Chiefs as the home-standing Red Devils won 28-6. McGahee scored on runs on 10 and 17 runs after short punts, and on a 29-yard pass from Franklin Sherman after a fumble recovery. A. G. Middlebrooks scored the first TD of the night on a 3-yard run in the second quarter. McCormick scored on a 1/2-yard QB sneak in the second, although LC fans didn't think he crossed the goalline.
Fri, Sep 11HephzibahW22-16H['more']
LC jumped out to quick lead on first possession, scoring the first points that the Rebels had allowed in 2009 (their third game). Penalties and turnovers again stymied our Devils, who managed a 14-9 halftime lead. A.G. Middlebrooks rushed for 146 yards and caught passes for another 30 to lead the offense. He had a 26-yard TD reception and a 45-yard TD run. The Devil Defense stopped a last-minute drive to preserve the 22-16 win.
Fri, Sep 18Abbeville, SCL0-21H['more']
Abbeville took lead on 9-yard run with 5:15 in 2nd quarter. Devils were trying as half ended but fumbled with Panthers returning ball 80 yards for TD and 14-0 halftime lead. Abbeville QB scored again on short run with 8:49 left in the third to essentially cement the win.
Fri, Sep 25CommerceW20-12T['more']
COMMERCE - Teams swapped possessions without much headway until midway the second when our Devils put together a 12-play drive that ended with Garrett Mohr scoring from one yard out on a QB sneak. The Tigers returned fire, scoring on a 20-yard pass when the Commerce receiver got behind our defenders. The PAT kick was low, leaving our Devils up 7-6. Mohr hit on passes of 35, 9, and 15 yards to give the Devils a chance to score with a second remaining, but the effort came up about 4 inches short of the goalline. Commerce took advantage of a 40-yard kickoff return and scored on a 15-yard run with 10:40 left in the third quarter. Our Devils came right back, moving down the field quickly. The big play of the drive was a 35-yard run by A. G. Middlebrooks to the 10. Unfortunately he broke his leg on the play, and his Red Devil football career is over. Two plays later, Franklin Sherman connected with Devonte Wright for 6 yards and a 13-12 lead. A run-for-2 play failed, but the Devils led with 7:31 remaining in the third. Sherman capped a 19-play, 10-minute drive with a 2-yard run with 5:03 left in the game. Walker Smith's kick put our Devils up 20-12. After forcing the Tigers to turn the ball over on downs with 3:27 left and rushing for a first down at the Tiger 25, the game looked to be all-but-out-of-reach for the home team, Lincoln's only lost fumble of the game gave the Tigers new life with 1:15 left. They quickly passed their way to the Devil 40 before the Devil Defense held firm.
Fri, Oct 2AquinasW37-0H['more']
38th straight Homecoming win. Aquinas had 2-game winning streak under new coach, but were no match for the Red Devils. LC scored 1:21 into the game. Ercell Daniel led scoring with a 70 yard punt return and a 73-yard run from scrimmage, both early in the second quarter. Halftime score was 37-0, and the clock ran during the fourth period.
Fri, Oct 16Washington-WilkesW10-7T['more']
LC won 10-7 on 26-yd FG in second overtime. Three FG attempts failed during regulation. LC had 250 yards and 57 plays compared to 45 yards and 32 plays for the Tigers. Four times LC came away empty after having a first down inside the Tiger 10. DeVonte Wright scored on a 6-yd run in the first OT, with the Tigers matching with a 15-yard TD pass. The Tigers were stopped in their 2nd OT try when Jathan Mickens took a sure TD pass away from the receiver before both fell to the ground in the endzone. Walker Smith booted the winning 26-yard field goal. This was LC's first overtime game using the "shootout" format (both teams with tries starting from the 15). LC leads W-W series 34-32-6.
Fri, Oct 23Hancock CentralW41-0T['more']
Devils jumped to an early 14-0 lead on TD passes by Garrett Mohr, and piled on 21 in the third quarter for their first victory at the new Hancock Central gridiron. This may have been the first Red Devil game where the public address announcer was female. This was also the first non-playoff game where the referee had a microphone.
Fri, Oct 30Wilkinson CountyW10-6T['more']
DEATH VALLEY - LC took lead midway 2nd quarter on Walker Smith 26 FG after pass off fake punt from Garrett Mohr to Rusty Scott continued drive. Wilkinson scored on 4-yard run after 28-yard pass to take halftime lead 6-3. Big Red scored on 10-uard pass from Franklin Sherman to Ercell Daniel with 8:01 left in third. Devil Defense played superb, holding fast Warriors to less than 150 yards and their lowest points of the season. Warriors were 7-2 after game, finishing 2nd in region. 7-A title was Devils' 7th straight, 31st in last 35 years, and 35th overall.
Fri, Nov 6Warren CountyW19-18H['more']
It was one of those nights when almost nothing went right for the Red Devils. Penalties, turnovers, and poor pass defense almost gave Warren County its first win over Lincoln County since 1971. The Screaming Devils jumped out to a 12-0 lead after long passes and a 95-yard fumble return for TD. Big Red closed the gap to 12-7 at the half, but Warren County scored with 2:00 left in the third to take a 18-7 lead. The Devils came back, with Franklin Sherman scoring on a QB sneak with 11:01 to go to close to within 5. The Screaming Devils put together their best time-consuming drive of the night, moving into Devil territory and taking 5 minutes off the clock. Tavious McGahee gave the Devil faithful hope when he intercepted a pass and returned it about 50 yards to the WC 22. Steven Morris rushed for 12 before DeVonte Wright slashed in from the 10 for the go-ahead score with 5:20 left. McGahee grabbed another Screaming Devil pass on their next and final possession, and the Devil offense picked up 2 first downs to wind down the clock and secure the victory.
Fri, Nov 13TrionW14-0H['more']
Two long pass receptions by Rusty Scott led to the Devils' 14 points, and the Devil Defense bent but did not break against the Trion ball-control onslaught. The Bulldogs rushed 50 times for 119 yards, and completed 4 of 14 pass attempts for 64 yards, in running over 30 minutes off the clock. Twice the Bulldogs got within the LC 10, but both times the Devil Defense held strong and prevented points. Trion had upset 6-A champ Darlington 21-14 the week before.
Fri, Nov 20Eagle's Landing ChristianW47-39H['more']
Fri, Nov 27Savannah ChristianL0-7H['more']
Savannah Christian, undefeated and ranked #2, came into the game with the best defense in Class A, and the Raiders showed that reputation was valid. Six Devil turnovers, six times inside the SC 30, 1st-&-goal on the half-yard line after a blocked punt, and no LC points. LC led in yards 199-98 and first downs 8-4. SC scored on a 10-yard run after a Devil fumble at the SC 21 in the second quarter.
Totals for 200911-2-0


Fri, Aug 27Abbeville, SCL21-24T['more']
Game played in Abbeville rather than LC because Abbeville purchased right to host.
Fri, Sep 3McCormick, SCW42-13T['more']
First LC visit to new McCormick stadium behind school on SC 28. McCormick won its season opener there, so this game was first loss for Chiefs at new field. LC scored on first 6 possessions, leading 35-0 at the half and 42-0 after 3 quarters before McCormick scored twice on Devil youngsters. Mason Saggus scored on a 77-yard pass play from Franklin Sherman on the Devils' first offensive possession and never looked back. Garrett Mohr rushed for 1 TD and passed for two others (to Saggus and Rusty Scott).
Fri, Sep 10HarlemW42-7T['more']
Devils varied offense attack put LC up 28-0 at the half, with 210 yards rushing and 108 yards passing. Ercell Daniel twice scored on 1-yard runs with Mason Saggus catching a 30-yard TD pass from Franklin Sherman.
Fri, Sep 17GreenbrierW30-7H['more']
Devils jumped to 17-0 halftime lead then added two fourth quarter TDs to seal the result. LC tallied 413 yards on 55 offensive plays compared to 169 on 57 for the visitors from Columbia County.
Fri, Sep 24Warren CountyW27-0T['more']
A strong defense and varied offense led the Devils to a 27-0 win over the previously once-beaten Screaming Devils. Garrett Mohr seemed to be everythere with 7 carries for 55 yards and 3 pass completions for 53 yards. He also blocked one punt to setup the first LC TD, and nearly scored the third TD. He punted 5 times for a 44 yard average, and played defense on passing downs. Craig Jones led the running attacked with two 5-yard TD runs among his 14 carries for 86 yards. Franklin Sherman completed 4 of 12 attempts for 58, with Mason Saggus catching two for 33 yards. The Devils would have scored on their first offensive play on a Sherman-to-Saggus pass, but a motion penalty nullified the play.
Fri, Oct 1Hancock CentralW48-0H['more']
Homecoming - you don't want to be on LC's guest for Homecoming - this game marks the 39th Homecoming win in a row. The Devils scored early and often to grab a 21-0 first quarter and 35-0 halftime lead before the clock started running in the second half. Tyler Banks caught 7 passess for 127 yards and 1 TD while Ercell Daniel rushed 5 times for 95 yards with 3 TDs. LC totaled around 420 yards offense.
Fri, Oct 15Washington-WilkesW35-8H['more']
Recognition of 1960 Championship
Fri, Oct 22AquinasW49-6T['more']
Aquinas came into game 6-1 with their best team in 40 years. Only loss was 13-7 to Wilkinson County. They had been averaging over 40 points per game. LC forced 5 turnovers, got a safety on a bad punt snap, and started the game with a successful onsite kick. Aquinas lost 4 fumbles and an interception. The Irish had a big tailgate party and called a "Green Oout" for the game, but LC responded with a big crowd. It was standing room only on the LC side, and at least a sixth of the Aquinas home stands were full of Devil fans. LC jumped to a 22-0 halftime lead enroute to a 49-6 win.
Fri, Oct 29Twiggs CountyW69-14T['more']
This game was not expected to be close, and that proved correct quickly. LC led 42-6 at the end of the first quarter, and 56-6 at the half. The Devils scored on 4 returns: punt, kickoff, fumble, and interception. Return yardage totalled 346, more than LC's offense. Five Cobra turnovers helped the LC onslaught. Twiggs' first year head coach quit the night before the game, and only 17 Cobras dressed for the contest. This was the most points ever allowed by the Cobras.
Fri, Nov 5Wilkinson CountyL14-26H['more']
Senior Night - Devils led 14-12 at half but couldn't stop Wilkinson's long plays, as the Warriors scored on a 92-yard pass and a 57-yard run in the second half to win 26-14 and take the top spot in 7-A. School records may have been set for most pass attempts and completions by the Devils (29 of 51) and by a Devil player (Franklin Sherman 24 of 42 for 224 yards), as well as total completions, attempts, and passing yards in a game (38 of 75 for 557) and offensive plays in a game (138). Wilkinson totaled 62 plays for 502 yards, compared to 76 for 374 for our Devils.
Fri, Nov 12Pace AcademyW49-6H['more']
Pace Academy, the #3 seed from 5-A, was 9-1 in its third year of football. This was the Knights' first playoff game, first game against a public school, and second game outside of Atlanta. The Red Devils jumped out to a 14-0 lead before Pace's precision passing game closed the gap to 14-6 midway the second. Ercell Daniel had a 99-yard kickoff return and an 81-yard punt return nullified by penalties before Craig Jones broke a 90-yard TD run as the first half ended. The Devils broke the game open with 3 touchdowns in the third, and the clock ran in the fourth. The Devils totaled 551 offensive yards, including 446 on the ground. Pace attempted 39 passes, but the Devils intercepted 4.
Fri, Nov 19DarlingtonW21-17T['more']
Darlington is the 6-A champion. QB Franklin Sherman completed 21 of 33 pass attempts for 251 yards to lead the Devils to a 21-17 come-from-behind win. After trailing 10-7 at the half and 17-14 midway the third quarter, LC marched 91 yards on 10 plays, with Bond Turner catching the game-winning 11-yard TD with 2:02 left. An interception by Ercell Daniel ended Darlington's last threat with 1:23 left. The Devils had only 15 yards rushing.
Fri, Nov 26Savannah ChristianL14-17H['more']
Savannah Christian jumped out to a 10-0 first quarter lead thanks to a fake punt and an onside kick. The Devils came back with its passing attacked to take a 14-10 lead midway the second quarter. The Raiders scored what would be the final points of the game in the second quarter. The Raider defense didn't allow the Devils but one first down in the second half.
Totals for 201010-3-0


Fri, Aug 19HarlemW69-6H['more']
Hot, sweltering evening in Lincolnton. First quarter was close as LC didn't score until time ran out. Five LC touchdowns in final four minutes of 2nd quarter sealed Harlem's fate. Totals: Craig Jones 10/122/1, Sherrod Jones 5/29/2, Dayshawn Taylor 4/29/3, and freshman Jamar Taylor 4/107/2. Taylor's 3 TDs were on consecutive touches. Second half played under mercy rules.
Fri, Aug 26Abbeville, SCW24-13T['more']
Abbeville defending SC Class A Div I champs. Had not lost since 2010 opener. Jumped to 10-0 lead early in 2nd, and led 13-10 at half. Panthers wouldn't cross midfield in 2nd, being held to less than 50 yards offense. LC grabbed interception early in 3rd and scored on 20-yard pass from Gunby to Saggus to take 17-13 lead. A fumble at A5 with 3:13 left led to 1-yard insurance TD by Taylor with 2:27 to go. Last LC-A game for a while.
Thu, Sep 1McCormick, SCW56-19H['more']
The game is the first on live TV from BBF. The game was moved up a day for WJBF's Thursday Night prep game series. It was broadcast live on 6.2 and rebroadcast on Sunday on 6. McCormick started the game strong with a good running game and good interior line play, jumping to a 7-0 lead, and tying the game at 13 early in the second. Turnovers led to the demise of the Chiefs with 7 fumbles lost, enabling LC to jump to a 28-13 halftime margin and add 21 points in the third quarter.
Fri, Sep 16GreenbrierW43-13T['more']
Greenbrier scored first and last on passes, but it was all Red Devils in-between. LC controlled the lines of scrimmage, grabbed five interceptions, and shut down the Wolfpack offense for most of the game. Greenbrier was 2-1 entering the game.
Fri, Sep 23Warren CountyW10-7H['more']
Both teams entered the game as two of the highest scoring in the state, averaging over 44 points per game, so the game evolves as a defensive struggle. Warren's points come on return to blocked punt in 3rd qtr to give visitors a 7-3 lead. LCRD kept visitors offense in check throughout the game, with only a handful of first downs. WC's best running back, averaging over 140 yards per game and 17 yards per carry coming in, was held to 58 on 16. LC scored on Craig Jones run with 1:05 left in third to take lead, then LC defense stopped WC. 36th straight win of LC over WC.
Fri, Sep 30Hancock CentralW28-15T['more']
Lincoln County struggled offensively with leading rusher Craig Jones unavailable due to an injury. The Devils turned two Hancock turnovers into touchdowns in the first 5 minutes of the second half to take a 28-7 lead. The final Bulldog scored came in the last minute against LC subs. The previous week Hancock had defeated Twiggs County 66-6, with their leading rusher scoring several TDs; our Devils did not allow him to score.
Fri, Oct 14Washington-WilkesW28-12T['more']
Lincoln County scored twice on 20-yard drives in the second quarter, then twice on long drives in the second half to secure a 28-12 win. Robbie Robinson, formerly at McIntosh County Academy, was the new W-W coach. The Devils led 14-6 at the half and 28-6 until the final minutes. The win extends the Devils' lead in the series to 36-32-6.
Fri, Oct 21AquinasW44-22H['more']
Aquinas (6-1 and undefeated in 7-A)has one of its most potent offenses in many years, and stayed in the game until the last quarter. It was an offensive show with Denzel Gunby completeing 7 0f 16 pass attempts for 264 yards and 3 TDs, and Craig Jones rushing 198 times for 145 yards. Mason Saggus was the primary receiver with 129 yards on 3 receptions. The Devils totaled over 600 yards offense. This was the 31st straight win over Aquinas, and 40th straight homecoming win.
Fri, Oct 28Twiggs CountyW48-0H['more']
The undermanned Twiggs team, winless with only 21 players suiting up in Lincolnton, was no match for our Red Devils. LC led 21-0 after the first and 34-0 at the half. The second half was played under GHSA mercy rules. Mike McIntire scored on 3 runs.
Fri, Nov 4Wilkinson CountyW35-0T['more']
Lincoln County ruined Wilkinson County's homecoming and chance for a share of the 7-A title with a 35-0 drubbing of the Warriors. Two LC TDs came on interception returns, and another TD on a short drive after a fumble recovery. Devils led 14-0 after the first quarter and 21-0 at the break. Final 7-A order: LC, Aquinas, Wilkinson, W-W (5-5 record). 36th Red Devil region title.
Fri, Nov 11CommerceW35-14H['more']
Commerce under a new coach had struggled at times during 2011, but put up a strong fight for our Red Devils. LC jumped out to a 14-0 first quarter lead before the Tigers closed the gap to 14-7 behind the strong running of their QB, who ran the ball 41 times for 192 yards. A 72-yard TD run by Craig Jones and two TDs by Mike McIntire sealed the win for the Devils. Commerce ended the season with a 4-7 record. W-W lost in the first round and finished at 5-6.
Fri, Nov 18Clinch CountyW27-0H['more']
Clinch County had two Division I sign-ees in their backfield, but they couldn't score despite 7 plays inside the LC5. This was the first shutout in the LC-Clinch series, which LC now loeads 5-4-0.
Fri, Nov 25Savannah ChristianL14-22T['more']
Devils took early lead 7-0, as first team to score first against SC this season. Raiders strong rushing too much for Devils, with 3 TDs on 351 yards rushing (55 carries). Devils scored twice on pass plays from Gunby to Craig Jones. Devils had chance to take lead in final minutes. Huge crowd in Garden City - 5 fan buses from LC. Abbeville won its state title 20-0, with only loss to LC.
Totals for 201112-1-0


Fri, Aug 31McCormick, SCW24-0T['more']
Ben Turner completed 18 of 25 pass attempts for 244 yards and 2 TDs to lead the Devils to a 24-0 win. All 3 touchdowns were scored in the second quarter, including a 75-yard pass to Jalen Franklin. James Spratlin was good on 3 PATs and a 35-yard field goal. This was the 90th anniversary of the first Lincolnton-McCormick game, in 1922.
Fri, Sep 7Washington-WilkesL6-21H['more']
Tiger passing attack, backed by strong rushing, kept the Devils pinned down all the first half and most of the game. LC managed only 17 yards and no first downs in the first half. W-W would have had more points than its 14-0 halftime lead had it not been for their penalties. The Devils made a fight of it in the fourth, scoring to cut the lead to 21-6, grabbing an onside kick and threatening twice more.
Fri, Sep 14Ninety Six, SCW41-21H['more']
In this first meeting with Ninety Six High, a 95-yard interception return by Lakeith Lockhart five seconds before halftime gave the Devils a 24-0 advantage.
Fri, Sep 28First Presbyterian DayW49-27T['more']
First game against FPD, and first game in Macon since Mt. de Sales in 1976. FPD jumped out to 14-0 first quarter lead on 50-yard QB run and pass after interception. Devils came back strong to take 28-14 halftime lead, and returned 2nd half opening kickoff 90 yards for 35-14 lead. Mikey McIntire had over 200 yards and 4 TDs. Other than 1 interception, Ben Turner perfect passing. Total points make this one of LC's highest scoring games ever. Points allowed one of highest ever in an LC win.
Fri, Oct 5Warren CountyW49-6T['more']
700th win all-time. WC homecoming. LC fans became chain crew. Last quarter played with running clock per GHSA rules.
Thu, Oct 11AquinasW20-13T['more']
Game broadcast by WJBF Channel 6; Biggest crowd ever at Aquinas, with cars parked along Highland Ave and nearby side streets. Aquinas controlled first half, leading 10-0 at the break with LC head to 1 first down. Two turnovers helped LC take 13-10 lead in third. Aquinas tied with 2:29 left before LC drove the field to score on Turner-to-Letman 15-yard TD pass with 48 seconds left. 32nd straight LC win over Aquinas. Irish came in ranked #4, LC #5. Both ranked 1/2 in other polls.
Fri, Oct 19GMCW57-7H['more']
Campbell streak of Homecoming wins continues. Many points came off special teams and turnovers. McIntire 4 touchdowns and 175 yards on 12 carries, including TD runs of 42 and 80. Fourth quarter played with running clock.
Fri, Oct 26Twiggs CountyW49-0T['more']
Devils led 35-0 at half. Fourth quarter played with running clock.
Fri, Nov 2Wilkinson CountyW21-19H['more']
Devils trailed 13-0 late in 2nd quarter but rebounded for 21-19 lead. Warriors threatened in final minutes but Devil Defense held strong. Game clinches 2012 7-A title for Devils, their 37th.
Fri, Nov 9Hancock CentralW27-8H['more']
Devils played many inexperienced players as they nursed some injuries. Devils went up 14-0 early. Hancock controlled ball much of game. Their points came late in game.
Fri, Nov 23Hancock CentralW21-0H['more']
Devils #1 seed in playoffs. Hancock Central #16. Wilkinson #8.
Fri, Nov 30Wilkinson CountyW28-22H['more']
Wilkinson #8 in power ratings - had only lost 3 times by total of 14 points: LC, Wilcox, Irwin (all made playoffs). Devils took 14-0 lead after first, but Warriors tied in 2nd quarter. LC then led 28-14 in fourth.
Fri, Dec 7Dooly CountyL7-10H['more']
Dooly scored on 31 yard FG in second. LC attempted FG at end of half, but kick blocked and returned 75 yards for TD, giving DC 10-0 halftime lead. LC failed to score twice inside 20, including at the 1 with less than 4 minutes left. LC TD came on recovered bad punt snap in endzone with 2:54 left. LC had final chances in final minute of game.
Totals for 201211-2-0


Fri, Aug 23McCormick, SCW41-0H['more']
McCormick coming off very good 11-3 season (state runner-up) with new head coach and two good athletes. Devils struck early and often in first half, leading 20-0 at end of first and 41-0 at the break. Second half played under GHSA mercy rules. Playing only the first half, Mike McIntire rushed 13 times for 146 yards and 3 TDs. Lakeith Lockhart completed 4 of 5 passes for 105 yards and 2 TDs, and ran 3 times for 51 yards. Jamar Norman caught 3 passes for 93 yards and 2 TDs, and returned an interception 65 yards for a TD.
Fri, Sep 6Washington-WilkesL14-28T['more']
Game broadcast live by WJBF.
Thu, Sep 19Ninety Six, SCL35-39T['more']
Game moved from 9/13 to 9/19 due to scheduling problem. Devils led 21-18 at the half, then fell behind 32-21 before retaking the lead 35-32 in the fourth. Mike McIntire rushed 20 times for 244 yards and 4 touchdowns.
Fri, Sep 27First Presbyterian DayW21-20H['more']
Fri, Oct 4Warren CountyW60-12H['more']
WC coached by former Red Devil Cherrard Freeman. WC lost 4 fumbles and interception in first half, leading to LC 54-0 lead at halftime.
Fri, Oct 11AquinasL14-42H['more']
Game live on WJBF 6.2. First Aquinas win since 1972. Aquinas only team during TCY to twice score more than 40 points. Aquinas #2 and led by Ruben Garrett, junior back with offer from Duke. Garnett rushed 41 times for 291 yards and 3 TDs, plus 2 catches for 35 yards and 1 YD, plus interception with 10 yd return. A undefeated.
Fri, Oct 18GMCW35-13T['more']
GMC drove 7 minutes and took 7-0 lead in first, and then missed short FG that would have given them 10-0 lead. Game tied at 7 at half before Devil offense took control with 21 points in third quarter. Aquinas beat Wilkinson 43-14 to all but clinch 7-A title.
Fri, Oct 25Twiggs CountyW45-7H['more']
42nd consecutive Homecoming win. Devils led 24-0. McIntire ran 15 times for 231 yards and 4 TDs.
Fri, Nov 1Wilkinson CountyW35-14T['more']
Devils lost 3 fumbles on their first 6 offensive plays, but allowed only 7 points off those turnovers. Devils scored on 4 passes and 1 run. Three scoring passes were from Ben Turner to Jalen Smith.
Fri, Nov 8Hancock CentralW44-14T['more']
Fri, Nov 22Dooly CountyL13-37H['more']
Devils took 7-0 lead but were unable to stop the strong rushing attack of the Bobcats.
Totals for 20137-4-0