Coach Thomas Bunch

Record in 114 games: 78-30-6

Winning Percentage: 71.053

Total scored: 2500

Total allowed: 894

Average game: 21.93-7.84

Shutouts by Red Devils: 46

Shutouts by opponents: 17

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Fri, Sep 1Washington-WilkesL0-19T['more']
Fri, Sep 8WrightsvilleW42-7H['more']
Fri, Sep 22SpartaW46-6T['more']
Fri, Sep 29LouisvilleW27-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 6WrensW52-21H['more']
Fri, Oct 13HarlemW52-6H['more']
Fri, Oct 20WadleyW41-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 27GreensboroW46-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 3EvansW58-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 10Warren CountyW16-13T['more']
Thu, Nov 23Jones CountyW33-0T['more']
Fri, Dec 1CoosaL0-21T['more']
Last night game at Sanford until 9/4/82; 3000 attending; Coose wore all black
Totals for 196110-2-0


Fri, Aug 31Washington-WilkesW20-6H['more']
WW scored on run in first qtr
Fri, Sep 14GreensboroW39-7T['more']
intercepted pitchout in 2nd
Fri, Sep 21SpartaW39-0H['more']
Fri, Sep 28Madison CountyW34-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 5EvansW27-0H['more']
E negative yds
Fri, Oct 12WrightsvilleW33-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 19LouisvilleW13-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 26WrensW40-0T['more']
Fri, Nov 2HarlemW14-0T['more']
Fri, Nov 9Warren CountyW27-0T['more']
Thu, Nov 22MonticelloW38-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 30West PointW26-19H['more']
WP pass 2nd, TDs in 3rd/4th; Bunch C coach/year; Randall Edmunds C lineman of year
Totals for 196212-0-0


Fri, Sep 6Washington-WilkesW13-0T['more']
Fri, Sep 20GreensboroW46-0H['more']
Fri, Sep 27SpartaW32-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 4Madison CountyW40-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 11EvansW36-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 18WrightsvilleW55-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 25LouisvilleW36-0T['more']
Fri, Nov 1WrensW55-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 8HarlemW47-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 15Warren CountyW21-6T['more']
Disputed TD run in 3rd qtr; officials called TD too quick
Thu, Nov 28MonticelloW13-0T['more']
Fri, Dec 6West PointW33-7T['more']
WP TD came on pass in 2nd qtr; Bunch C coach/year; Randall Edmunds C lineman/year
Totals for 196312-0-0


Fri, Sep 4Washington-WilkesT6-6H['more']
L ranked #4 in state as season began
Fri, Sep 18ARC "B"W41-7H['more']
Fri, Sep 25WrensW7-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 2WadleyW26-0H['more']
L 40th consecutive region victory
Fri, Oct 9GreensboroL7-14T['more']
Fri, Oct 16LouisvilleW33-6H['more']
Fri, Oct 23HarlemL0-13T['more']
Fri, Oct 30SpartaW25-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 6WrightsvilleW41-6T['more']
L 400yds offense
Fri, Nov 13Warren CountyW6-0H['more']
W won 2-C title; L 3rd
Totals for 19647-2-1


Fri, Sep 3Washington-WilkesT0-0T['more']
Fri, Sep 17ARC "B"W46-12H['more']
Fri, Sep 24WrensW36-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 1WadleyW26-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 8GreensboroW35-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 15LouisvilleW7-6T['more']
Fri, Oct 22HarlemW12-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 29SpartaW43-7T['more']
Fri, Nov 5WrightsvilleW39-0H['more']
34th straight home win w/one tie
Mon, Nov 22Warren CountyL0-12T['more']
2-C runnerup to WarrenCo.; Curtis McGill C lineman/year
Totals for 19658-1-1


Fri, Sep 2Washington-WilkesL0-27H['more']
First home loss since 10/16/59
Fri, Sep 9Greene CountyW10-7T['more']
Lightpoles moved behind stands; new press box built
Fri, Sep 16HephzibahW18-6T['more']
Fri, Sep 23Mt. de SalesW13-0T['more']
Fri, Sep 30SpartaW61-7H['more']
Fri, Oct 7Putnam CountyL7-32T['more']
Fri, Oct 14LouisvilleW20-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 21WadleyW20-6H['more']
Fri, Oct 28WrensW20-7T['more']
Fri, Nov 4Warren CountyL0-47H['more']
3000+ spectators; L 2C runnerup; 2nd worst loss in L history
Totals for 19667-3-0


Fri, Sep 1Washington-WilkesL0-26T['more']
WW won B title
Fri, Sep 8Greene CountyW13-7H['more']
Fri, Sep 15HephzibahW41-0H['more']
Fri, Sep 22Mt. de SalesW12-7H['more']
Fri, Sep 29SpartaW66-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 6Putnam CountyL0-20H['more']
Fri, Oct 13LouisvilleW16-7T['more']
Fri, Oct 20WadleyT7-7T['more']
Fri, Oct 27WrensW25-0H['more']
Sat, Nov 4Warren CountyL0-34T['more']
L 4th in 2C
Totals for 19676-3-1


Fri, Sep 6Washington-WilkesW7-0H['more']
New PA bought by Booster Club
Fri, Sep 13Greene CountyL20-34T['more']
Fri, Sep 20Screven CountyL13-19T['more']
Fri, Sep 27Mt. de SalesW13-7T['more']
Fri, Oct 4SpartaW63-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 11Glenn HillsW13-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 25WadleyW26-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 1WrensT13-13T['more']
Fri, Nov 8LouisvilleW41-7T['more']
Fri, Nov 15WarrentonL6-13H['more']
2C runnerup to W
Totals for 19686-3-1


Fri, Sep 5Washington-WilkesL6-28T['more']
Fri, Sep 12Greene CountyL0-14H['more']
Fri, Sep 19Screven CountyT6-6H['more']
Fri, Sep 26Mt. de SalesL16-21H['more']
Fri, Oct 3SpartaW22-0T['more']
Sat, Oct 11Glenn HillsL8-27T['more']
played at Butler stadium Sat night
Fri, Oct 24WadleyW22-6T['more']
Fri, Oct 31WrensW54-6H['more']
Fri, Nov 7LouisvilleL18-22H['more']
Fri, Nov 14Warren CountyL0-26T['more']
Totals for 19693-6-1


Fri, Sep 4Johnson CountyW18-0H['more']
LHS & Westside integrated to become LCHS
Fri, Sep 11Putnam CountyL0-3T['more']
GHSA classes chgd from C-B-A-AA-AAA to B-A-AA-AAA
Fri, Sep 18AquinasT6-6T['more']
Played at Augusta's White Road Stadium (Josey High School)
Fri, Oct 2HephzibahW12-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 9HarlemW18-3H['more']
Fri, Oct 16LouisvilleW14-6T['more']
Louisville Academy & Jefferson County High consolidated into Louisville HS.
Fri, Oct 23Greene CountyL6-13T['more']
Fri, Oct 30Washington-WilkesW18-14H['more']
Fri, Nov 13Warren CountyL0-20H['more']
Washington County originally scheduled 11/6. 10th game would have been region playoff game.
Totals for 19705-3-1


Fri, Sep 3Johnson CountyW20-6T['more']
Fri, Sep 10Putnam CountyW21-7H['more']
PC won 3A title
Fri, Sep 17AquinasL6-13H['more']
Fri, Oct 1HephzibahL0-9T['more']
Fri, Oct 8HarlemL7-14T['more']
Fri, Oct 15LouisvilleL6-12H['more']
Fri, Oct 22Greene CountyL0-8H['more']
Fri, Oct 29Washington-WilkesL0-2T['more']
Fri, Nov 12Warren CountyL6-35T['more']
Totals for 19712-7-0